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Havana, Cuba

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by KJG, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Also, has anyone out there started their application process after the embassy closure for a spouse who has a dependent child not accompanying them? The way I am reading everything is, that even though the child is not accompanying, she has to also get her medical done which means flying her out of country and having to obtain permission from the other parent.

    Any guidance is appreciated!
  2. Yes - you should plan financially to have your spouse and the dependent child (even if not accompanying) go to a third country for medicals and biometrics. Your spouse may even need a second trip to another country if an interview is required.

    In terms of the passport, the other poster was talking about how the Cuban passport will need the Canadian visa foil placed in it. For that, many of us have had to come up with creative ways of getting the passport out of Cuba and to the Mexican office, and then back to Cuba again - and right now there seems to be no reliable way of returning a Cuban passport to its owner in Cuba.

    Wishing you the best of luck. I would say that this process takes much more preparation and financial planning than it ever did before, for Cuban family sponsorship.
  3. I appreciate the advice! Is there anything saying that the Canadian Visa foil has to be done in Mexico or is it possible to request it be obtained in Trinidad?

  4. In your original application, you need to mail it to the Canadian office. When I started, it was Mississauga, but I know some other people have mailed it to Sydney. If the instructions say Sydney, you mail it to Sydney. Once you mail it to CIC, they send it to Mexico for processing. Only after your spouse has been approved do you need to worry about sending a passport for the foil.
  5. hi ferengi, im traveling with my family to POS for the medical tests, any suggest about hotel?? or anything ??,

    thank in advance

  6. Do you know where they do the medicals? If you have to do business at the VAC office, I'd suggest Mamelan Bed & Breakfast - Airbnb address: https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/20957996?source_impression_id=p3_1563302472_iYztHT65tzmgFOQb

    If the medicals are in a different area in POS, I'd suggest doing an Airbnb search. It is the best thing to do - at least cost wise. I was lucky as one of my coworkers is from T&T and she was able to tell me if we were in a good area.
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  7. You say many have come up with creative ways to get the passport to the Mexican office, Please Share These Options. The only one I see on this forum is the person who went to POS T & T.
  8. I don't know all the ways people do it. Another way that I did hear of was using DHL to get the passport to Mexico, and providing the Mexican office with a prepaid waybill to send it to Canada (you have to be a Representative in order to receive the passport) - and then the person flew down and got their family member and brought them back to Canada.
  9. Hi, I got passport request this week! Under certain circumstances, you can also get the passport to be sent back to Cuba from the Mexican embassy.
  10. How are you sending passport to mexico? What circumstances will they send back to Cuba?
  11. and Howard?
  12. You can send the passport to Mexico from Cuba with DHL, it takes about two weeks. Then, Mexico has 28 days to stamp the visa I believe. What we have been hearing is that Mexico won't send passports back to Cuba, but I am dealing with a consultant for the very end of the process, for a fee, and that will allow me to get the passport back to Cuba absolutely legally.

    I don't want to risk being caught with the passport at the borders, or have my husband fly to Trinidad-y-Tobago.
  13. If you can get a prepaid waybill to Canada why not get a prepaid waybill back to Cuba
  14. How can Mexico say they won't send the passport back to the owner in Cuba. Is this true or are people making up stories
  15. Do you know what the postal system is like in Cuba? It is not any easier for a courier service. DHL's offices are small and really can't store peoples' packages and mail. If you ask DHL if you can do a prepaid return waybill from Mexico to Cuba they will tell you, "no". But of course, don't take my word for it - do your own investigation.

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