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Havana, Cuba

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by KJG, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. assuming that you received the information by email, could you post the sender email ???, thank in advance
  2. My MP have sent me two completely different responses to questions. One week Havana files that are at their year end etc will stay in Havana. Now this week I was told they are going to Mexico. Nobody has answers. I have asked several times how visas will
    Be issued and the agents, Immigration Minister office, my MP office avoids the questions. Files that are newer that remained in Canada ( some) have emails stating they are in Mexico. But the files are there year end and over now going into 14 month have no information to go on. How are new files getting movement and files past the year getting nothing? If anyone has updates on Havana files please keep
    Us all posted.
  3. When you want to communicate with the Mexican office, use this email:

    You must put your File number, Principle Applicant details (DOB, UCI etc) and state your question or query succinctly. The other option is to use the IRCC webform. Hope that helps.
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  4. thank a lots
  5. Just an FYI mecuban1982, I have emailed them three times since May with all the info (UCI, Application #, name, DOB etc) and there has been no response. Including all the pertinent information does not necessarily mean you will hear something back. It's a bummer.
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  6. Hello!!! Does anyone from May 2018 has received any email from Mexico to let them know their file is already there? I am asking because my wife just told me that someone from the end of May 2018 received an email today letting her know about it.

  7. Nothing for us yet :(
  8. Well third update by my MP states that my file would be sent to Mexico but a bit of a delay, due to Havana closed. Now today a fourth reply stated the minimum processing for family sponship is 20 months. I
    Had to clearly send him the correct Average time of 12 months. He said he was speaking to an agent in canada. Our MP’s are not told anymore info than what
    Is on our notes or if we call ourselves. Clearly it is useless to deal with our MP it is a waste of time. When I called him out in the average time frame of processing he did not acknowledge. It is just a waiting game.

  9. I was told by MP's office that my file was first transferred to Canada and then to Mexico...but no email saying my file has been transferred to Mexico. I agree with you stephtigger....the MPs are told things by IRCC, but they don't know enough to question IRCC. There is a lot of misinformation out there.
  10. Don’t despair guys - Ahmed Hussen’s office told me back in May my file was in DF and I got the IRCC confirmation that it had been forwarded on June 3.
  11. Districto Federal, the normal way to refer to la Ciudad de México.
  12. I got my letter today
  13. T
    That's so good to hear!!! No news for me yet..but it's good to see they are starting to move on...

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