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Express Entry Step by step instructions.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by keerthiv, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. The CIC calculator is the only official tool. I do not know why Canadavisa forum has created a different scoring system, but it is unofficial and carries no weight with Canada Immigration.
  2. The CIC's come to Canada tool is also showing me eligible. How come?
    Lnk for this tool www . cic. gc. ca/ctc-vac /ee- start . asp
  3. whn u ll file an actual application.. u ll face issues then.. a lot of ppl here did..

    1 system i.e. FSW.. with the help of express entry they r able to streamline the process and select the highest scoring applicants of all so that the applicants have higher probability of being successful and not being a burden on Canadian system..

    earlier when it was not streamlined.. it was first come first serve.. was in favor of immigrants and not canada..
  4. Thanks I will ask my friend. I am already in canada
  5. well in tat case even cheaper.. just get your university to sent in the transcripts..
  6. I am in Pakistan right now and want to immigrate to Canada

    I have two questions
    1. Can one apply for EE while he is on student's visa. If yes then what will happen if he got Invitation to Apply. Can he change his status from student to PR midway between his studies?

    2. If I apply for EE right now (while I am in Pakistan and waiting for admission response from Canadian Universities) will it be difficult to get Student's Visa later?
  7. Hi all
    I need some help. I am in the process of doing my ECA which is taking time .I want to know is it possible to upload an EEprofile without it and later I can add it or not?
    Another thing is I am applying it by my own and I don't have a job offer so once I upload it both in EE and JOB BANK and if I don't get anything from job bank should I contact any placement consultants in Canada? Will that be of any help or any thing else if you people can suggest.
  8. you need ECA.. without tat u wont qualify even if u try to upload.. theres no need to hurry as this is not first come first serve rather it is who has the highest score.. so even if u upload 1 day before the draw and u hav very high points.. u ll b selected..

    job bank isnt exactly operational yet.. it ll soon b operational, so basically u wont get anything frm job bank..

    placement consultants would b a hard job.. i mean if it were so easy all of us here would have contacted placement consultants.. the issue is getting LMIA...
    there might b a few who would wanna charge u for their services.. but at end of the day no guarantee and risky..
  9. Hi,

    I have searched for hours for "Job Bank Registration" process. Even I didn't find any registration link here - "http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/home-eng.do?lang=eng".

    Seniors, please help me in this regard.

  10. did u try.. dont remember well myself.. was a while bak since i did it..
  11. Dear Jassu,

    I already did it. It's just creating a job account with my profile there. But, it doesn't linked with my EE Profile. Because nowhere "EE Application ID" was asked. How do I link my Job profile with my EE profile?

  12. found it.. https://seeker.jobbank.gc.ca/seeker/reg/indregisterconditions
  13. Hello All,

    Hope you guys are fine,

    I'm planning to apply for EE and i have IELTS Score of 7 in each section,
    And i do completed my 3yrs Bachelor's Degree and having Experience of 3yrs in Investment Banking Field.

    My question is, Do i get a job before landing in Canada?
    And many people saying that, it is very hard to get a white collar job, If you dont have canadian experience
    How much it is true? And please give a idea about basic pay

    Please help me guys, as i have to leave everything behind, Family, friends and loved ones.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    Best Regards,
    Santhosh Sivan
  14. whats ur score?
    offcourse u can always look for jobs. but it would b hard job bcoz its hard for employers (all over the world) to wait for months on end to hire a guy they need within weeks at max..
    personal opinion. it isnt hard to find a job.. i have randomly applied for jobs.. employers got back to me, but when they realized i m out of country and need LMIA thy backed down. so it all depends on ur education and experience..
    basic pay.. search on net.. glassdoor and payscale.. the system over there is pretty transparent so u ll get a very clear picture..
  15. Thank you so much for the response.

    My score is 297.

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