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Express Entry Step by step instructions.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by keerthiv, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Dear users,

    thaks for valuable information,

    I have IELTS result which is in accordance with CLB 8. And also, work experince and education is quite high. However, when I use eligiblity tool it says that I'm not eligible. And show some code.

    My qusestion is that, what will happen if apply like this ?
  2. dude if it shows u r not eligible.. how do u plan to apply???
    why does it show "not eligible"?? wats ur score break down???
  3. hello dear,
    My wife is principal applicant and i have already got the WES certificate. I have one question if i take my WES assessment should i get points.
  4. yup.. for bachelors u get 8 points..
  5. Yam power, let me confirm one thing here,,, i have done MBA in finance but my job is irrelevant from my education ..like I'm Environmental Health and safety supervisor, so can it be cause of rejection of my application?
  6. My IELTS Result is overall 7 , (Speaking 7.5, reading 6.5, listening 7.5 and finally writting 6)
  7. i mean wats ur age.. degree.. experience..
  8. My martial status is common-law. Just wanting clarification that when noting how many family members I have, that it would be one and I don't count the future wife just yet.
  9. first try chking on 67 point basis..
    also make sure u write in the funds amt.. at times tat can b an issue too
  10. What's the 67 point basis? I put in $10,000 for funds.
  11. Need your help
    Hello all,
    I would need help from you all regarding my situation. I have about 7 years foreign work experience in Financial Services (NOC 6235) and based on this I met the requirement for FSW in my express entry profile. I am currently in Canada and worked 3months full time in NOC 6421 and am 7months full time on my current job NOC 1521 but did not get any point for Canadian Work Experience (I already have the minimum 1560 hours).
    Does anyone have any suggestion for me or knows why I did not get any point/qualify for CEC?

    Thank you
  12. Dear Experts,

    I have a query regarding Personal Details while filling EE Profile.
    I do not have a 'last name' (or surname) and have only 'given names' in my passport.

    Since all the fields are mandatory, what shall I fill in for 'last name' and 'Given name' in my Personal Details.

    As per the help in EE Profile page, it says
    'last name' - "If there is only one name line on passport, put the whole name in the answer field"
    'given name(s)' - "Please provide first name(s) (also known as "given name") exactly as shown on your passport or identity document.

    Thanks In Advance!!
  13. 10000 will show u in eligible.. put in 13000 and chk it out..
  14. I have a question, my husband applied under NOC 2132 in FSWP 2014 but was not accepted. Now we have opted for EE. I have filled out the profile but every time i log in, it says the profile is INCOMPLETE. I use the option "check for completeness" and it says the application is complete :eek:
    Plz tell me what to do and how to submit my application. Plz reply ASAp
  15. A similar thing happened every time I opened my application. Even though it was complete, certain sections showed incomplete, this was in the actual PR application after the ITA though. So I had to go in there and hit "save & exit" every time before I advance to the documents section. Strange but just a minor glitch I guess.
    Hope this helps.

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