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Express Entry Step by step instructions.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by keerthiv, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Hi. Can anyone help me...

    I submitted my EE, then after week or two I registered to Job Bank
    Checking my EE PROFILE; below are the statuses:
    1. Application Status: "Blank" (blank means you need to register to Job bank if no confirmed PNP nomination)
    2. Job Bank registration: "Accepted" (this is in contrast to the "blank status")
    Has anybody has the same case? What shall I do?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. In a successful registration you will see:
    The application status : open
    Job bank registration : accepted
    Review of Minimum Entry Criteria : Met
  3. Thank you for the response..additional question here: do i need to submit my high school diploma and transcript of records to ECA or only my undergraduate and post graduate credentials? thanks
  4. Can someone please explain this Express Entry System in layman words. Please don't put those confusing links of CIC website. How they have clubbed earlier point system with this express entry program. Please explain using an example as following and please add steps if I am missing.

    Babulal wants to come to Canada as a Permanent Resident.
    Babulal creates his profile on CIC.gc.ca
    Babulal can load upto 3 resumes so Babulal uploads 3 resumes.
    Babulal's resume is noticed by an employer in Saskatchewan or Alberta or Nova Scotia
    Babu lal is informed by employer via email that if he was in Canada, Employer would love to hire Babulal. (Expression of interest stage)
    Babu lal prints that email, prepares all application and send it to Sydney NS? Correct me if I am wrong

    Are all steps above correct? When does that point system jumps in? When Babulal needs to calculate 1600 or 1400 point? If 1600 point system is in place then where is that 67 point system of past? Is that 67 point system is still in place? Who can reply all these questions? Does having job offer still make you strong chap than those who don't have job offer? Do people have any shot without job offer???????? input please????

    Love to hear from those PMM, Leon type folks.
  5. I love the way you asked all that. I am sure someone will answer these questions as I am not sure but you have asked them in such an awesome way.... 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

    Just another thing to add as it still says OR in those conditions where FSW have to have a job offer I think it still means that if you have 67 points then you are good but under one NOC only 100 applications will be accepted... so best bet is to apply asap but again where the hell is 67 points in pic if you need an invitation letter and you cant get it if you have less that 735 points(according to current situation). So please come forward and put some more light on that...

  6. what is the best and quickest way for ECA from INDIA for ENGG. Students...

    PM would be appreciated.... Thanks...

  7. where did 1600 or 1400 points come in play... its just 1200 points..

    now here is the story..
    u can apply to canada thru
    the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW),
    the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and
    the Canadian Experience Class.

    apart of this other option is PNP (provincial nominee prog)

    before 2015 came... to apply thru FSW to canada u needed 67 points out of 100 points.. THAT HAS NOT CHANGED AT ALL.. you still need to score those 67 points to be eligible..
    (chk here if u get those 67 points.. http:// www. cic. gc. ca/ english/ immigrate/ skilled/ apply-factors.asp)

    now if you do get 67 points.. then you need to apply thru Express Entry.
    q: what is all this crap abt express entry then???
    Ans: Express Entry is used to manage applications for permanent residence, which means they want to streamline the process, means make it simpler and also probably a reason to return back those rooms after rooms full of dust gathering files that they had before Express Entry system came by..
    now its not first come first serve basis, now it is whether is canada interested in you or not.. whether you have higher probability of being successful over there or not..

    so Mr. Babulal can be noticed by all the god damn employers in canada.. but if those employers ARE NOT READY TO APPLY FOR LMIA (labout market impact assessment), its off no use.. infact MR. jassu2 has also been noticed by employers but no one wants to proceed as getting LMIA is a pain everywhere in the body :D
    So even if Mr. Employer in canada WANTS TO HIRE but is not ready to apply for LMIA Mr. Babulal WONT SCORE POINTS on that basis.. even if MR. Babulal prints that god damn email and take it to all the humans on this planet, its still of no use..

    now if a employer really loved MR Babulal, and he applied for LMIA.. and got a POSITIVE REVIEW. in that case MR. Babulal can score the GOLDEN 600 points.. or else hes just in the bucket of remaining 600 points..

    now out of these 600 points.. no one is sure, NOT EVEN CIC whether u ll get an invitation or not.. but if you score high point.. meaning somewhere like 450++ then VERY HIGH PROBABILITY that you will be selected..

    In FSW category in 2015, they are gonna select 40,000-50,000 humans to sent in further documents for assessment.. thats the only thing which CIC has DECLARED..

    cant go anymore simpler than this.. sorry..
  8. there are not tons of options.. just sent it to one of the 3 or 4 assessment agencies.. i sent mine to WES.. its was quick for me as my degree was from US.. just courier than rather than speed post and u will save 2-3 weeks.. :D
  9. I don't understand one thing

    I am eligible to apply under FSW category according to come to Canada assessment. But I am not scoring 67/100 point ??? Am I eligible or not?
    Which point system governs? 1200 or 100?
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  10. wats ur break down in 67 points??
    did u do u ECA and IELTS (less than 2 yrs)?
  11. FIRST step is to qualify under FSW, if you do not qualify for other streams. To qualify for FSW, you must have a minimum of 67 FSW points. Any less than 67, and you cannot apply under FSW for EE.

    THEN, you go to the EE programme and find out how many points you make for language and education (must be officially evaluated, IELTS and WES, for example), age, employment history in skill level O,A,B jobs done in the past 10 years, any Canadian work experience of at least 1 year. Spouse's language, education and Canadian work experience also add points if you are married or living common law. Worth maximum 600 points

    FINALLY, if you are incredibly (insert one or more options: a) lucky; b) uniquely talented; or c) well connected), you may find a (choose from the following: a) desperate; b) related; or c) compassionate) employer who has advertised a job for at least a month in three different venues and been unable to find local talent to meet requirements. At THIS point, the employer would make you a job offer and he/she would apply for an LMIA, (and continue to advertise until LMIA approval.) Once the LMIA is approved, you would have the golden 600 additional points to include in your EE application. (A Provincial Nomination is also associated with having a full time job offer and will provide the same 600 points.)

    So the 600 + 600 = 1200 pts. Most people will not have access to the last 600 points.

    Once you have negotiated all this and submitted your profile to EE and JOB BANK (if you do not have job or PNP), you wait and watch for the numbers to reach your mark. At this point you would anticipate getting an INVITATION which requires you to show proof of all the information in your initial application to achieve your point total.
  12. I am planning to do both of these things in near future. At this time I am estimating my IELTS score

    ENGLISH - 18
    EDUCATION - 21
    Experience - 9
    Age - 12
    Arranged Employment - 0
    Adaptability - 5
    Total ---------- 65

    And on Candavisa CRS calculator I am getting 355 points and they are saying I am eligible
  13. The easiest way may be to study and improve your Ielts score to earn two more points, otherwise you cannot apply through FSW. What is your employment skill level?
  14. I understand all this process but one thing is still confusing me. I am scoring 65 out of 100 according to this I am not eligible. But then why cometoCanada tool and Canadavisa.com CRS Calculator is telling me that I am eligible for FSW. ? What is the purpose of having two points system it is confusing me

  15. Profession is Civil Engineering (Type A)
    Experience is one year.

    I have understood your point. But have not understood why cometoCanada Tool (by official website) is showing me eligible?

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