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Express Entry Step by step instructions.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by keerthiv, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. Do you know what postdoctoral fellow already working in Canada (that were exempted from LMIA) and with an arranged offer of employment can do to get the 600 points?
    My contract ends (and will be renew) next October and I cannot get an LMIA till then. What can I do????
    Many thanks for your help!
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  2. Hi YamPower ,

    Amazing explanation , I just had a doubt here .
    Suppose one receives an ITA and he submits all his required documents how is it determined that he has got a Job .

    I mean he has to upload his resume on the Job Bank and does getting an ITA = getting a Job

    Can you please through some light on how does one get / find an employment ? do we need to have a PNP or LMIA after we have got a ITA

  3. Hi,
    an employment without LMIA is not considered "Arranged" by the CIC (even if LMIA exempt like in your case or PGWP). You can apply though but without 600 points.
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  4. Hi Mate,

    I am also in same situation, not finding the way from where I can get the LIMA document/approval etc.. Me too on the same Intra-company transfer program in Canada. I am not sure who will provide us the LIMA document etc.

    Please guide step by step with full details..

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  5. Hi Mate,
    I have 1 more question -

    What if I have apply for EE as married ( by stating my spouse / child will not accompanying with me ) - This will gives me more points in the POOL..

    An in case I got invitation and PR approved later .. then Can my spouse/child come to Canada on TRV ?

  6. Hi there,
    my younger brother is a permanent resident and has recently gone to canada with his wife. can I claim adaptability points for relatives in Canada. thanks
  7. Yes, that can count toward your points when calculating if you have the minimum 67 points for FSW
  8. I had a query regarding completing my EE profile. I am currently working in Canada since one year. There is a section where it asks "do you have job offer"? Should I answer yes and mention I do not have LMIA (as I do not have one) or should I answer no.
    Can the current employment be considered as Job offer?
  9. very helpful indeed yam power for the newbies here +1 to u mate!
  10. Thank you for your guidance ;) ;) ;) ;)
  11. very good summary with appropriate ref.
  12. Hello YamPower,

    Thanks for posting this it is very much helpful.

    I need one more favour if you can answer this for me, I have one year experience in India and Is it necessary to have tax return filed for the pay of my job. In another words, can you please provide me link which have required documents list after receiving in ITA, So I can collect it before creating profile.

  13. You need to Provide Offer Letter and Exp letter with Pay stubs if required
  14. Do I need to pay 550$ right after I submit my application to the pool OR when I receive an ITA?
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  15. I have one question:
    Will CIC require a proof for all the declared job experience in the past? I already have enough job experience to qualify but I also have some past self-employed job experience which I do not have proof for (it's around 10 years ago). I am wondering if I should take that off my profile to avoid a misunderstanding in case they asked for proof.
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