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Express Entry Step by step instructions.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by keerthiv, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. When you Submit your COMPLETED Application document after you receive your ITA
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  2. Only mention job experience for which you can get a job letter.
  3. Dear Experts,

    I completed my Degree in 2012. My exams were over in May 2012 and I started at my current Job position in June 2012. But my Degree has 14 September 2012 as the issuance date.
    My question is will my work experience date start from June or September?
    Please advice!
  4. I have a question about foreign work experience for skills transferability,,,,,,whether it has to be in 1 NOC only or it can a combination of jobs in NOC 0 A or B to get full 50 points along with IELTS. I know minimum of 1 year is required in a particular NOC but about the 3 years for 50 points
    reply will really be appreciated
  5. Yampower, if you have a job offer does the employer need to apply for an LMIA also?

    Thanks for any advice!
  6. In order to get the golden 600 points, yes you need LMIA with the job offer.
  7. [quote author=YamPower


    Excellent work here. I have clarifications though. Do I necessarily obtained the first 3 steps before making EE profile or will it be fine if I create a profile while waiting the ECA result considering that the processing time takes about 5 months?

    With regards to the application fee, when should the applicant pay the 550 cad? After the Ita is received or while waiting for the ITa?

    How about the settlement fund, should the applicant prepare for it prior to the creation of the EE profile or only after an ITA is received should a proof of fund be presented as proof?

    Looking forward to your answer. Thank you
  8. I have questions regarding specific questions on the EE profile Wizard. I am currently in Canada and applying under the CEC stream. I completed the EE profile but have yet to submit it for fear of misrepresentation. There are three questions that I am unsure if I have answered correctly:

    Under Family, I am asked what funds will I have available to bring to Canada, but I am already in Canada, employed full-time. I thought of putting my annual salary, but that's a larger number and I am afraid the Immigration officer might find that questionable, these people are not paid to think after all. What should I consider putting there?

    Under occupation, I am asked when was the date I first became qualified to practice the occupation I listed. Should I put the date I was hired for the job or the date I got my college diploma?

    And finally, I am under a PGWP. I don't have a valid job offer because my job requires a work permit, but is exempt for LMIA requirements, so I answered that I didn't have a valid job offer. Is this correct?

    Thanks for any help offered in advance, and good luck to all this year. Don't panic and be patient, but if you are not in the CEC stream and are currently outside of Canada with no Canadian job experience, I encourage to be extra proactive to maximize your EE scores by contacting prospective Canadian employers and provinces.
  9. Hello Everybody ,

    I just had a doubt here .
    Suppose one receives an ITA and he submits all his required documents how is it determined that he has got a Job .

    I mean he has to upload his resume on the Job Bank and does getting an ITA = getting a Job

    Can you please through some light on how does one get / find an employment ? do we need to have a PNP or LMIA after we have got a ITA

  10. if you r applyin under FSW u need ECA.. its a requirement or else u dont score enough points..
    550 CAD is after u recieve ITA
    u need to have said amt of money for proof of funds.. it can just be a letter frm bank.. but always remember CIC can (and probably will) ask you for last 6 month statement to make sure u dont have loan or are not making a last minute statement..
  11. ITA means invitation to apply.. it has nothing to do with your job.. infact ITA is not equal to getting job..
    it just means tat canada is interested in you and is asking u to sent your documents for further processing..

    PNP is provincial nominee program
    LMIA is a employment letter frm human resources dept of canada stating that the employer can bring an employee for the said position..

    dude they r all different things.. go thru the website properly..
  12. Hi? I applied for EE in January, but my IELTS cerificate will be expired for two or three weeks. Will I become ineligible on the day of expiry? My account, for example, is updated on my birthday. Immidately I lost 5 points. I wondering can I expect the same with IELTS? I will take the new test on the end of March, but results will come in April.
  13. No IELTS, no eligibility.
  14. Hey everyone, I have a question:

    In EE profile Under work experience, I am asked "when did you be qualified for this job" .

    Should I put the date I was hired for the job or the date I got my college diploma?
  15. You would have qualified when you earned your diploma.
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