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Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by MarsiaMS, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Both bowp/sowp approved
  2. When checking the processing times, is it a work permit extension I should be looking at (106 days) or a work permit inside Canada (8 weeks)?

    I applied on July 4th so I'm hoping to get it asap
  3. Work permit extention (106)

    I applied June 11 and was approved 28 sept
  4. Applied BOWP on July 28 and waiting for Approval/Rejection......work permit expired on sept 24th and PR application refused on Oct 2nd....Wish me a luck for new draw before decision on BOWP.....:)
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    Let us know if you get an update.... Also some one who applied in July get an update please quote...Its important..Thanks
  6. Hello,

    I just want to let you know my BOWP timeline:
    Submitted: June 16
    Approved: October 15 (121 days)

    Good luck to you all !!!
  7. Thanks for the update #magallanes.
    Let us know if anyone else receive any updates. Jun/July Applicants..
  8. I have applied bowp on 5 August and just added documents imm form, passport and passport photo at that time. I have not added additional documents at that time. What should I do know? Please advise.
  9. Applied Bowp on july 3 and current waiting time is 113 days . Still waiting ,
  10. You can submit any documents concerned to the application via web form. Use attached link and fill the details accordingly.
  11. Thanks for the update..Your decision is coming soon.. Best of luck.. Let us know when you get any updates..Thanks
    1. Hi I have my file number , and I still on work permit with my employer. My work permit will expire in 11 months. The CIC website say I can only apply for BOWP 4 months before my current work permit expires. Just a quick question if my employer is not following what's on my contract, am I Eligible to apply for BOWP Or any open work permit? Thanks

  12. Hi , have you received any
    Any update ? I'm July 3 applicant
  13. Got bowp approval today

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