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Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by MarsiaMS, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. This thread is to discuss Bridging Open Work Permit experience.
    When did you apply? Did you get it? How long did it take? Did you submit an application for a family member?

    I'll start:
    Applied online on October 3.
    Submitted application for outland spouse. He gave biometrics on October 18.
    No news from CIC since.
  2. What's your current permit? I just submitted for BOWP November 26. Hoping to get it before January ends.
  3. I am on implied status, my PGWP expired. Sorry to be negative, but you are unlikely to get it by January's end. Current processing times are 69 days and keep increasing.
  4. It does seems likely, but one can hope! I am on an expiring IEC and did not apply for BOWP early enough, so now I'm not sure if I would lose the right to work during the break period. So I can only sit and pray for now.
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    You would be on implied status. No worries!
    If you are wondering, you can look up implied status info on CIC website. I have been working on implied status before, it is perfectly legal, not an issue at all.
  6. I had seen people say that IEC holders may or may not be an exception to that, but the immigration lawyers agree with you - I can indeed work! Phew!
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  7. Hello,
    I applied on October 2nd, didn’t hear anything yet..:( please let me know if get any update. Thank you
  8. Processing times went down to 66 days! So you can expect something tomorrow or Monday. I had no updates on my application either. I will let you know if I do
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  9. okey Thank you..
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  10. Mine is expiring in April, hope the PPR comes before then and I will have time to land. Stressful..
  11. When did you apply for PR and through which program?
  12. CEC, eAoR Nov 15, 2018. How about you? PNP program?
  13. Yes, PNP. Applied on Jan. 27, 2017.
    I don't mean to disappoint, but you are most likely to get your PR in the second half of May. Be mentally ready to reapply for a new BOWP. Still, fingers crossed you get it sooner!
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  14. The tracker says they're processing September 19's applications - so it looks like they'll be processing yours soon!
  15. Yeah, but it says "updated November 25". That was two weeks ago. They should be getting into early October right about now.
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