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Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by MarsiaMS, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Does anyone know how long it will take to mail the work permit from the Edmonton office to other provinces (e.g., Toronto)?
  2. Normally it would take a week or 10 days, but now is Christmas time, so it can be a lot longer.
  3. Guys,
    Just a few questions for those who applied online.

    Have you seen any updates in your account?
    How many and what kind of updates?
    When did these updates happened?


    While I was writing this post my application got updated. I didn't notice any difference but I guess it's a good sign. I applied on Oct 15th.
  4. I am on implied status right now. I submitted mybapplication for BOWP on Oct 9 2018 and I got a confirmation letter on Dec 18 2018 that my application has been approved, and that they will mail the actual permit to me.
  5. I started on the same date, I received my confirmation of approval two days ago
  6. Hi,
    I received my confirmation approval letter for the BOWP, and they said they will mail me the actual permit. But I want to travel now for the holiday
  7. Hi,
    I received my confirmation approval letter for the BOWP, and they said they will mail me the actual permit. But I want to travel now for the holidays, can I just use my passport and this confirmation letter to re enter Canada?
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    I'm the same situation as you so I asked for advice from my lawyer and I also called IRCC. They both were very clear and said that IT IS POSSIBLE to travel with the confirmation letter, HOWEVER, it will be your responsibility to convince the officer of the reasons of why you had to leave the country without the original work permit.
  9. Hello, thank you for the information.
    Because you are going through the same thing, how exactly will you be convincing the immigration officers?
    I am just going to tell them that my whole family is back home and really wanted to visit them for the holidays, I dont know if that is sufficient.
    Also I am think my permit will come while I'm out of the country and I was going to have my roommate scan it to my email and then I would show the officer there scanned permit
  10. I would take as many documents as possible. Proof that you are working, proof of you PR application and so on.

    My WP got approved today. I saw an update yesterday but didn't see any difference. Today I called IRCC and found out my application was approved. I submitted it on Oct 15th, so it took 67 days.
  11. Ok thank you very much for the information.
  12. For the ones that got approved your BOWP, did you submit employment letters/offers of employment with your application?
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  13. I didn't send any letter of employment .

    Here's the list of documents that I submitted:
    • Family information Form (IMM5707)
    • Passport copy
    • Digital Photo
    • Schedule 1 - Application for a temporary visa made outside canada (IMM 5257)
    • Additional Documents - AOR letter from my permanent residency application
  14. Guys,
    I have a question for those who received approval email for bowp.

    what is your PR application "Eligibilty Status" ?

    I am asking because few days back I called CIC to check the status on my bowp application and their response was that my PR Eligibility is still in review so they will have to wait to approve my bowp application until PR-Eligibility is passed.

  15. I received BOWP, and my eligibility still reads "we are checking your eligibility requirements" or whatever the most generic status is. As soon as you receive AOR, you become eligible for BOWP.

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