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Australian Police Check

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by jensaus, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Sounds like you need to contact VicRoads directly to ask those questions. :) Or they may be able to send a report to say you have no driving history as I've read that somewhere before. (not totally reliable info and I'm from Queensland so it's slightly different there).
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  2. Call VicRoads. They should be able to find you in the system with your name and address in Victoria. If they need any proof of identity they will tell you. I didn't have any records of my Victorian license number either, so I called up and they found me in the system with name and address. I gave them a mail-to address and paid with a credit card. Wasn't very hard to do.
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  3. Hi mates,
    I have lived in Aus for more than 6 months and therefore, I have obtained my PCC from the AFP.
    Since I mostly stayed in QLD, I have ordered a license history from the TMR Queensland.
    Here is my question:
    I had a short stay of about 40 days in Melbourne. Does that oblige me to acquire another License history from the VicRoads?!
    Im baffled and appreciate ur help,,
  4. Hello Friend ,
    Need advice if you applied directly from afp site(https://www.afp.gov.au/) or third party vertias who also looks give same document (https://www.afpcheck.com/)

    My application got rejected today saying below . When i see the document now i can see it is mentioned "Complete Disclosure"

    "The Police certificate from AUSTRALIA that you provided with your application is not acceptable. Please consult our website in order to determine the required document. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/medical-police/police-certificates/how.html"

    Today i applied again from afp site (Took 42$) and third party vertias (Took 98 $) . Do you have any idea if both are valid or i need to submit in future only from afp site ?

    Also how much time it took to get approval and get the same as i am currently in Chicago , USA .

    Please help
  5. Hi mate,
    This is the online portal to apply for AFP national police check.
    You will
  6. Thanks a lot for into . We applied the same yesterday from the link you suggested above.
    I am currently in chicago , USA . How much time usually it takes to process request and finally receiving the same .

    is it possible to send sample copy to my email id bharati.bitn@gmail.com as i initially applied by VeritasCheck ( They took 98$) which they claimed is same as we get from AFP .I wanted to see the sample if it is same or something different. In this forunm i don't see option to upload the same which i got . is there anyway you can verify the document which i got .. I don't want to get rejected for next time so i am little worried ...


    Thanks in advance.

  7. http://www.apostille.com.au/images/afp-cert.jpg this is what the PCC from australia will look like. I applied directly from the AFP website and got it in 20 days. i stayed in perth for 2 years and live in india currently. you should standard disclosure, name check only and not the complete disclosure. depending on which state you were in, you might be required to show your traffic history as well.
  8. Thank You. Yes we applied the same now and expecting to get the report in 1-2 week . It was my mistake to get Full Disclosure report
  9. Need help ..

    I got my Australia PCC in Sep 2017 . I was in Australia from 2011 to 2012 and never visited again . is PCC still valid as per CIC?
  10. Need help ..

    I got my Australia PCC in Sep 2017 . I was in Australia from 2011 to 2012 and never visited again . is PCC still valid as per CIC?

    Though i applied for new one 4 week before but i haven't received yet from them .. not sure where in shipment it is stuck
  11. Need help ..

    I got my Australia PCC in Sep 2017 . I was in Australia from 2011 to 2012 and never visited again . is PCC still valid as per CIC?

  12. Yes, as long as you got the correct type etc. Be sure to read the requirements for the Australia PCC, you may need to get other documents as well.
  13. Hi

    I have been to Australia, Queensland for 6 months for Higher education in 2016. As I am an Indian Citizen. I don't have any driving license or any other document except Foreign passport and a birth certificate (India Issued) So will that work for me?

    And for Queensland travel history is also required. and I did not have the driving license during my stay there. so what do I need to do? Any help will be appreciated.

  15. Hey even my application got cancelled for the same reason. Can u pls share your contact number with me pls. I am from India. Pls pls wats app me on 91-9780737450 . I need help plz

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