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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Synoptic, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. The instructions on the checklist (remember that in your application pack) to electronically sign it.

    I think what they are looking for now, at the end of the process is a signed proclamation. So the instructions this time state specifically ‘upload a signed copy’ to GCKey.

    Note also that there is a brand new Schedule A form, which was released just last month!!

    Update: BE CAREFUL!!

    When I downloaded, there was a new form, dated June 2019, which does NOT have a Validate button!

    However... I just rechecked and redownloaded it (from the 'get my application pack (for UK)' page on IRCC, and the 2018 version is now downloading from the link, which DOES have the validate button. I'm confused...!

    Update... the version I got came from: https://www.canada.ca/content/dam/ircc/migration/ircc/english/pdf/kits/forms/imm5669e.pdf

    However, the one directly from IRCC comes from here (and is older): https://www.canada.ca/content/dam/ircc/migration/ircc/english/pdf/kits/forms/eimm5669e.pdf

    The difference being, the 'e' infront of the filename...?!?!

    OK - FINAL update.

    There is a thread here: https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/form-imm5669-or-eimm5669.577480/

    Asks the difference between imm5669 and eimm5669 - both SEEM to be acceptable. So you should be ok with the 'imm5669' (the one with the 'Validate' button) as it is what is included in the pack. Don't know how I ended up with the one I did!

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  2. I agree it’s confusing - but as the only way they give you to deal with this is via the GCKey portal, and I think also says not to mail it (or on my letter it does anyway, others letters may vary!) - the only way I could do it is fill, print, sign, scan, upload.
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  3. Hi can.. Someone please help me regarding to my case... the date of our marriage certificate is feb 20 2019 but my husband exit the Philippines in feb 10 2019. We actually got married in jan 18, 2019 via Civil wedding but unfortunately the mayor did not come for emergency and his voce mayor who perform our ceremony the the mayor sign our marriage certificate on feb 20 2019 ..Can i provide a explanation letter and attached to my application or what should i do. .? Please help me
  4. Is this better in its own thread? It could get lost in here. In its own thread, you might find more views.

    Good luck - in my experience, if you say something you usually have to back it up with some evidence. So if you say this is the situation, is there any way to verify this with the Mayor's office. However, that is only my first thought. Maybe see if there is someone on this forum with experience. Make the title - 'Please help - marriage licence date and wedding date are different' or something - there must be others who have legally married but celebrated their marriage on different dates (e.g. wedding festivals etc)
  5. Sweet Lord, this is getting REAL confusing now! Gotta read this over a couple of times : )
  6. August 10th application. Meds and biometrics all done. STill no pre arrival mail or PPR. VO is London.. Anyone else in the same boat?
  7. It’s not only you who’s stuck in London mine was done everything end of December there’s no update until now...
  8. My application was 3August
  9. Good luck buddy, I know there's many of us stuck in the swamp...
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  10. Thanks wish you the same ..
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  11. Called up ircc today. No info on why my application hasn’t been transferred. Application is still in bgc. Got a job offer for end of September and pretty sure I’m going to lose it because the visa won’t be done in time :( loosing all faith in this system.
  12. So they began the BGC before the application was transferred? Ours was transferred to Mex City on Feb.28 and just today I was informed that they are finally processing the BGC. After four and a half months.
  13. Lots going around about the Schedule A and how to sign it.

    The FORM says ‘typing your name is an electronic signature.’ However; the letter from IRCC in my GCKey account says specifically that I might sign it using a real hand signature. And as they say ‘upload, don’t mail’ as well, the ONLY option, no matter what the form says on it, is to sign it and scan it and upload it.

    I downloaded a different version of the schedule A form (a newer one, marked ‘eimm5669’ instead of ‘imm5669’) which only has a signature box, no verification button and says nothing about typing a signature.

    You have to go by SPECIFICALLY what they ask for in the GCKey letter. That overrides anything on the forms.

    I think what they are looking for is ‘ok, you said this was your history, we want your signature against it for our records.’

    Typing your name can’t be upheld in a court of law as easily.
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  14. Hmm. I filled out the imm5669, validated it, printed it, signed it and scanned it. So you think I should have used the eimm5669 instead? Oh man, like I said before... Confuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusing
  15. Also, in the instruction letter, it clearly states the form as following:

    "Schedule A: A separate and newly completed Schedule A Background Declaration form (IMM 5669) bearing an original signature"

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