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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Synoptic, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. i resubmitted it on 5th july , and i didnt manually sign it . i signed it electronically . and clicked on validate and it got validated . i havent received any message regarding the schedule A again !
  2. i have a question ,, off the topic ... do you know how do they carry out the background checks ?!
  3. Ah that's good to know. Thanks! So just by typing your name and validating it, that does the trick? I'm just a bit worried re the original signature part.
  4. yea i havent signed manually ... the line above the signature section says " by typing your name in the section , you are signing the form electronically .....
    although i downloaded the newest updated version of that form before filling it again for RESUBMISSION
  5. Good question, I was also wondering about this... :p
  6. LOL
  7. Ya, and this is where I got confused" electronically vs originally. I am also reading different takes on this...
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  9. Yes, that was my initial thought... but then I thought that maybe they will make a fuss out of a validated form which is scanned and not uploaded as the original file.
  10. August 2 applicant. Nothing as of yet. 19 days to go. I thought that they were working on that batch but who knows, I did send send Mexico City another webform request for information and I already contacted my MP.
  11. [QUOTE = "tango47, post: 8006670, miembro: 731134"] solicitante del 2 de agosto. Nada hasta ahora. 19 días para el final. Pensé que estaban trabajando en ese lote, pero quién sabe, envié a la Ciudad de México otra solicitud de información por formulario web y ya me comuniqué con mi MP. [/ QUOTE]
    Yo también soy de la oficina de visas de México y del 13 de agosto y ya me enviaron el mes pasado el email de la pre llegada
  12. Does anyone have the number to the London visa office? I might try and call them to ask why my file hasn't been transferred
  13. I think the only way to reach out to them is by a webform. They replied within 1 day when I asked them something...
  14. webform through gckey? I wanted to ask them why our file hasn't been transferred or what would happen etc

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