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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Synoptic, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. your telling me, I just got to wait until they start working on the next batch. If you call up it says working up until august 14th.. so im august 31st so guessing maybe something will be done in a few weeks but yeah trying to stay positive
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  2. That is, if it's actually in London right? Cause yours is still in Sydney?
  3. yeah still in Sydney, honestly I don't know what to expect :/ No idea whats going to happen :(
  4. got pre arrival service letter today!!!! no update since feb1st 2019
    time line in signature
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  5. [QUOTE = "Neyal10, post: 7998610, miembro: 779304"] ¡Recibí la carta de servicio de llegada hoy! no hay actualizaciones desde el 1 de febrero de 2019
    línea de tiempo en la firma [/ QUOTE]
  6. any updates for anyone?
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  7. [QUOTE = "tinyspoon, post: 8004577, miembro: 603824"] ¿alguna actualización para alguien? [/ QUOTE]
  8. Have you heard back from them
  9. nop
  10. Does pre arrivals come as an e-mail or a physical letter? :)
  11. [QUOTE = "michaelmaher1994, post: 8006429, miembro: 892634"] ¿Los pre arribos vienen como un correo electrónico o una carta física? :)[/ CITAR]
    Como un correo electrónico me llegó a mi
  12. Thanks!
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  13. Hey buddy, I came across this today re resubmission of the Schedule form:

    "Note: A typed signature without an accompanying handwritten signature will only be accepted if the form is uploaded through an online account (for example, if you are asked to upload a new one later in processing). If you are asked to submit a new one later in processing and you submit it through the IRCC webform, you still need a handwritten signature."

    So I guess we shouldn't print, sign, scan and upload as such?
  14. you got this after RE-SUBMITTING schedule A form ?
  15. I still have to resubmit form, just about to print out the doc, sign and scan it... but then I started doubting again whether it's the right procedure. So I looked into it again and came across this info on the IRCC website. Just don't know for sure whether the "original signature" part in the instructions we received, means that it actually has to be a wet signature (and therefor print, sign and scan it) Confusing!

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