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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Synoptic, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. no idea bud, still waiting, still 0, I got a feeling they are just gonna process it in Sydney and send me ppr
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  2. yeah but I have 54 days till estimated completion lol
  3. could be processed in sydey
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  4. Yes, it was processed through Mississauga. Well, fingers crossed for all of us!
  5. I just got my "Please send a new Police cert and an updated Schedule A with your signature on!"

    I guess I made it into the 'IN' pile too! So good to hear this, and from you all too.

    One question! I have looked in the 'Upload a document' area in GCKey, and there are the two lines - one awaiting a police cert upload ('Replacement needed') and my 'please upload by 9 Aug 2019' reminder. And another line for my Schedule A.

    I've done my Schedule A, uploaded it.. .but I need to press 'Next' (according to this (slightly out of date) help: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=1310&top=25) - But I've only uploaded 1 of the 2 docs.

    So if I press 'Next' now (and go through the other steps with just one doc uploaded... WILL IT WORK?!

    I'm scared to press 'Next' in case it knackers something.

    I'd hope it'd say 'ok, we'll take that one doc, come back and do the other later...'

    This is the poor level of paranoia and gov user interfaces has left me in!
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  6. Congrats! Keeping an eye on this here, I don't have a clue... I am just going to upload it once I have the police record in too.
  7. There was me hoping that I could go ahead and submit one and then the other (y'know, so they could look over the one and sign it off, right... because NOTHING HAS CHANGED).... but too scared to incase it just takes the one and I have to use the dreaded WEBFORM.

    Can't find ANY help on this online.

    Still - like a mug, I've stumped up the extra cash to expedite the police certs... (obvs) so hopefully won't be too long waiting to upload both!

    Today was a good day... I hope these keep coming thick and fast for the others in the forum!
  8. Haha, I feel your anxiety mate. But hey, to my best understanding, they don't bother to check your account till the deadline is actually due. Maybe I'm wrong and it'll pay off to have it expedited : )

    How did you do the Schedule A form? Filled out new one, printed, signed and scanned as 1 doc. again?
  9. Being efficient gov staff, surely the notification of a submission comes up and they jump on it straight away.......?! ;)

    Yep - exactly as you said. Luckily we have some cool printer/scanners at work. I can print it, sign it, check it, and scan it back into a pdf. :)

    I also understand we get the police cert, colour scan it and upload it? (not sure where I got colour from.. maybe that was the police cert itself asked for colour scans) - either way, they're getting a lovely, crisp colour scan!

    I know it's not the end - but there is a great feeling that SOMEONE looked at your file after 6 months or more just sitting in the corner, gathering digital dust.
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  10. Haha, straight away sir! Tea time is officially over sir!

    Indeed, I've had the same magical sensation... somebody is looking at it... maybe just for a few seconds and toss it back in my digital face, but it hasn't totally dissolved in their swamp of applications. Next month! F-in manifest it!
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  11. lucky buggers
  12. If you call the ircc it says they are processing up to the 14th of august, hense why yours are getting updated etc
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  13. Stay strong!
  14. Pre-arrival services invitation letter today.
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  15. It's unreal how they treat you man... Just keeping you in the dark like this.

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