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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Synoptic, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Well f%*k! Pure insanity...
  2. If you linked your account to GCKey (online), it arrives in there in the ‘messages’ section.

    If you’ve
    No - I’ve done exactly what you said: fill, print, sign, scan and send.

    I just happened to find an alternative variant of the same form. I used it and sent it before I realised it might be the wrong one. All the same info, just a different revision of the same form. The layout was slightly different but the data the same.
  3. Tell me about it, got someone in the group whos also wasn't transferred and they are hitting 14 months with nothing..
  4. but then also someone in the group who is a month away who has just been asked for updated police check and schedule a report
  5. do you have your GCMS notes?
  6. Yes we got them a month ago, we ordered another set yesterday. Unfortunately they don't show much... Is there any bit you think I should focus on?
  7. Read the last NOTES sections
  8. Latest notes are feb 8th that say Schedule a reviewed.
  9. Wait for the new notes
  10. When was the schedule a updated to have both physical and digital signatures? or has it always been that way?
  11. August 2 AOR1. BGC in Progress notification yesterday and Pre-Arrival letter today. Finally some action after four and a half months of nada.
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  12. [QUOTE = "tango47, post: 8012835, miembro: 731134"] 2 de agosto AOR1. BGC en progreso, notificación de ayer y carta previa a la llegada de hoy. Finalmente algo de acción después de cuatro meses y medio de nada. [/ QUOTE]
    Felicidades buena noticia
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    They started processing my wife's background check today. We last heard from them February 20. Nice to finally see some movement. Our visa office is Mexico.

    Update: We received pre-arrival services letter tonight as well. Hopefully this journey is almost at an end.
  14. Sounds like your timeline is very similar to ours.

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