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Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by Zarshah Khan, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. Can anybody tell me that is it true that MIDI is just giving ITA to those peoples who have valid job offers or those who are currently living and working there in their all draw rounds up-to January 2020. I mean rest of people who don't have both of these things can not be select until January 2020.
  2. There is no news like that
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  3. Hi how r u i dont
    MIDI said there will be several invitation rounds between now and January 16, 2020, for the prioritized candidates described above.So what does this mean this statement mentioned on cic newsletter
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    MIDI said there will be several invitation rounds between now and January 16, 2020, for the prioritized candidates described above that means people who have job offer or currently working and living there.What does this mean can u explain it.It is mentioned at their cic newsletter website www.cicnews.com. In the first draw announcement u can see this statement it there in last paragraph.
  5. Anyone got invitation outside Canada
  6. Hi, this is Akhil. I did my masters from Quebec and now I am on work permit. I had an application in Mon projet and my application was scrapped in June 2019.

    So, I am making a profile in Arrima portal. But there are two questions in the website and I don't have any idea what to put there?

    Q) Have you ever obtained a Individual reference number from Quebec Ministry?

    Is it asking for individual reference number mentioned on CAQ? Or is it asking the number in Mon projet ?

    Q2) Do you already have a file with IRCC?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    1. Raj1208Newbie

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      Hello everyone I have couple of questions. Please if anyone know the answer let me know and I really appreciate the response.

      Question 1 :
      I have applied in mon project with my wife as principle even though we had same points irrespective to whomever being principle but now my wife doesn't have valid status. I want to apply now in arrima as principle cause I have a valid wp ( thankfully the email I'd created in mon project was mine besides being my wife as principle). When I asked this question to arrima customer service they said I can but he was a bit not sure. So my question is can I do that and what exactly the arrima consider us referencing with mon project, it's only emaild I'd or something else ?

      Question 2

      When creating my application I couldn't find the college name of my wife and it adds an extra points of 5 points. Its sir wilfred laurier laurier schoold board.
  7. Any ideal about the next draw of Quebec Skilled Worker program?
  8. I am unable to register, I gave my validation code, it is not responding. If anyone has registered, does it an ECA number to proceed or we can go ahead without it
  9. It is not eca number, remember quebec won’t accept ecas reports, Quebec has its own assessment system
  10. hello all frends i have lost id and password in arrima portail help me plz
  11. ts mean quebec have been conducted their second draw and they are still inviting inland applicants.its mean there is no hope to getinvitation to applicants outside the canada tilJanuary 2020.

    Hi I'm at the same stage as you, while I was the second round of invitation from Arrima 17th July 2019. Submitted through Mon Projet as well and still waiting for their update.
  12. How much points do you score?
  13. Dear i was just telling you about the person who got invitation on 17 July 2019 then i guessed that MIDI is inviting inland applicants without any draw. I applied outside from canada so didn't get invitation so far.
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  14. is there any benefit to fill separate arrima for spouse as she is working as a accountant and there is no any option given for spouse experience as in amin applicanant file

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