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Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by Zarshah Khan, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. Hello Friends, when will arrima portal open?
  2. Read it will be on Monday
  3. Please, when the portal opens, how long will it take it to close? And what is the web site of the portal?
  4. It has not been said yet. I guess once the portal comes to open the it will remain opened such as federal EE portal
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  5. MIDI QUEBEC tweeted that there will be updates in the coming days.
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  6. Sounds good :)
  7. I think the Arrima portal will b functional after 15th August....

    My own opinion
  8. Is the Arrima portal opened?
  9. Don't think so
  10. Como yo estoy en la lista con este programa
  11. Hi Everyone,

    Is Arrima portal open now? could you please let me know when it will be open.
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  12. Nobody knows when it will open
  13. please notify me when the portal tool for creating an account is available?
  14. sure

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