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Jul 19, 2019
Hello everyone I have couple of questions. Please if anyone know the answer let me know and I really appreciate the response.

Question 1 :
I have applied in mon project with my wife as principle even though we had same points irrespective to whomever being principle but now my wife doesn't have valid status. I want to apply now in arrima as principle cause I have a valid wp ( thankfully the email I'd created in mon project was mine besides being my wife as principle). When I asked this question to arrima customer service they said I can but he was a bit not sure. So my question is can I do that and what exactly the arrima consider us referencing with mon project, it's only emaild I'd or something else ?

Question 2

When creating my application I couldn't find the college name of my wife and it adds an extra points of 5 points. Its sir wilfred laurier laurier schoold board.