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Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by Zarshah Khan, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. I had got an email from quebec on 2019-5-19 like below:

    An application for the filing of an Expression of Interest was prepared on 2019-02-20, but has not yet been submitted to the Department. You have until 2019-05-21 to submit it otherwise the Department will delete this request.

    I didn't take any action on it because I didn't find the way to submit it and skipped that time. And they cancelled with this email:

    Your statement of interest in preparation has been removed from your account because it has not been filed within the 90 day period.

    I still have the declaration of interest form filled up in my account. I am interest again to apply through arrima portal. What should I do now? It seems that my account is valid til 2020-02.

    Please advice.
  2. 2 Adults and 3 Children = $6,068
    Note: Amounts (in Canadian dollars) in effect from January 1st to December 31, 2019.

    for more detail visit official site
  3. Can you tell me yours conditions
  4. Arrima did sent Invite to apply for Permanent selection.

    I am sure few people did receive it!!

    Can anyone tell what they ask and whats next steps?
  5. But i heard that u can get one point if you are maintaining sufficient funds when you are moving to Quebec with family but now you are saying that its not a requirement of Quebec Skilled Immigration program and they will ask you at the end when u landed there.
  6. Quebec financial self sufficiency is just a consent signed by applicant, and there is no minimum amount required in our account, Quebec is saying like this -
    For the period from January 1 to December 31, 2019, single persons must have at least $3,188 at their disposal to meet their basic needs for the first three months following their arrival in Québec. In addition to this sum, they must have at their disposal an additional amount for each family member accompanying them (spouse or de facto spouse and children). For example, a household with two adults and two children under 18 years of age must have at least $5,653 at their disposal for the first three months. The following table indicates the essential needs of main family units.
  7. I declared my baby for the CSQ application. I indicate him there as a Canadian. when i submit my final application they didn't ask money for my baby.
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    I created a profile in Arrima today and the status is 'Tabled' with the expiry date as 12 July 2020. So, I guess I was eligible? It doesn't show the points, unlike EE CRS.
  9. Hi ,im an indian ,can anybody tell how i can get job offer letter from quebec
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  10. Hi ,im a biology techer is there any way to get job offer from canada ad teacher or is any way to migrate to canda plz help my file in arrima but not with french
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  11. Can anybody tell me that is it true that MIDI is just giving ITA to those peoples who have valid job offers or those who are currently living and working there in their all draw rounds up-to January 2020. I mean rest of people who don't have both of these things can not be select until January 2020.
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  12. what is your current status in canada right now? me too i got invitation today but i have tourist visa so can you please tell me if you have same situation?
  13. How many applicants of arrima portal have got their status changed from Tabled to in progress kindly share
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