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Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by Zarshah Khan, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. where can I see that?
  2. Click "Forgot your password?" option and then provide your registered email address then it will send an OTP i believe to your email .
    then you can follow its instruction
  3. pls add my number.I just created an account.I want to get more info
  4. Anyone got invitation from arrima portal? When the next draw will come? Any information??
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    Hi, has anyone received an invitation from Arrima? How does it even arrive? Through an email? Or do I have to check my Arrima account all the time? Many thanks.
  6. You should get an email.
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  7. Thank you! Do you know how long do I have to wait if I applied about a week ago?
  8. Is this your first time applying or u have applied before through moneproject?
  9. It’s my first time applying.
  10. No invitations will be sent before February 2020.
  11. =( Are you serious?
  12. Hello dears, i want to hook-up with horticultural farmers, Who can help me with their links please?
  13. I saw the same thing on my profile too today.
  14. Seems like whats app Group link has revoked
    Can you please add me in Quebec Whats app group 91 9711166669

    Thank you in advance

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