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Discussion in 'Quebec Immigration' started by Zarshah Khan, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. Can anybody reply on that, I have the same question!
  2. Hello Guys,

    I have received docs request on Sept 9, sent my docs and they received on 30sept. Nothing yet from them.

    I heard from my friend that some people were issued CSQ in this new invitations.

    Anyone have any news ? Pls share
  3. I am in same situation too...did some one received CSQ through arrima ? did they put a condition to learn french in 18 monthes ?
  4. French is mandatory or not for arrima portal ?? And when the next draw would be? And which level of French do they want??
  5. Who told you that they would put a condition to learn French ?? Did someone receive the CSQ and were told to learn French ?
  6. Please reply
  7. One of the forum member has written in a separate thread that Quebec govt has issued CSQ to some people recently with a condition to learn french in 18 months. Is this information is true? I have submitted my application for permanent selection after getting invitation. I don't know french
  8. Can you share the link of that thread please. I don't know much French either but I haven't heard anything yet. I am waiting for their response after sending docs.
  9. I hope they are not confusing with the Rejected PEQ last year.

    I am in first 100 of these new Arrima Applications, but haven't heard anything yet about such thing.

    I only heard that some CSQs were issued recently but if there was any condition, I am sure they would have mentioned it.

    I will speak to them tonight. Hopefully there is no such conditions.
  10. please talk with them and let us know in details
  11. And where did you hear this ?? Also, did you remember the thread in which they posted this ??
    You gave an extra point to think about and stress lol
  12. Hello everyone i just stared the immigration process i scored 66 , fluent in English and French , what are my chances and how much the processing time takes.
    Thank you
  13. I received invitation,Filled application.....waiting for doc request
    i want to change canada dept date ,when i m trying to open application again to make changes ,it gives message if you want to change anything ,need to pay extra fee
  14. Did anyone have any update news that when the Québec government gives the ita to outside Canada applicants?
  15. Hello Everyone,
    My Child was born in Quebec and i want to include this in Arrima portal. However, i don't have where to include this information in Arrima portal. Can anybody suggest?

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