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Application Stages + What They Mean (MEP, IP1, IP2, Ghost Update...) - Version 2019

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by derkdsou, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. Hi Roula, I have never had an ADR, so for me it's always just said 'we do not require additional documents'. I think if your profile says, 'we are reviewing the documents you have uploaded', then I would just take that at face value and believe that's what it means. Normally they have been really quick to review uploaded documents, so I would hope for an update on the ADR status within a week or two. Good luck!

  2. Ok merci beaucoup
    I wanted also to know if the last ghost was about elligibility, if was met or something.


  3. Got ppr .. interms of landing interview from edmonton office .. 8 mar aor 24 apr mep
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  4. With ghost update .. yesterday
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  5. I might have missed some ghost updates because I didnt know about them.
    Do you guys know if it's possible to see somewhere the dates for ghost updates?

  6. Hi @derkdsou,

    Just to update you, I received an answer for my questioning about the ghost update and IRCC just gave me the standard answer "nothing is being required from you at this moment", "everything appears to be in order with your application" and "we will inform you as soon as a decision is reached".
    So they don't even have a DM yet.
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  7. Faut appeler le centre d'appel pour en savoir plus.

  8. While trying to track my application here is what I found:
    Webform: Eligibility and background check in process (May 31)
    Mexico VO: Application in queue for review (June 3)
    Ralph office: Eligibility and security not started, Criminality in process (June 14)

    Which one should be more accurate, since every response I get are differ from one another.

    Aor: 26 feb
    MEP: April 12
    Ghost update: 3 (April 13/May 28/June 10)

    Please let me know what you think
  9. Thanks a lot.Quite an effort from u all.Could you pls tell when is biometric letter sent to us?In which of these stages.I gave my bio today.Person therw was telling that after bio ppl get ppr within 10 to 15 days.Is that so.Thanks
  10. I was not required to provide biometrics. My understanding is that the request letter is issued within days of MEP, which is happening around Day 45 at the moment. From your MEP/biometrics, you can expect to wait 150 to 180 days for your PPR based on the present backlog at IRCC.

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  11. Thank you.My MEP is passed.Bio given yesterday.Hope to get it soon. .
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  12. Hi,

    I think that what you said here is right, but I think my case is an exception.
    I received my AOR on May 7 this year, but there was a furtherance request and I submitted my follow-up medical test results on May 18th.

    I didn't receive any update on the medicals but I was asked to get my biometrics on June 15th.
    I also received (what I believe was) the first ghost update to my account on June 16th.

    Currently my profile stands at "Background check in progress" and "medicals are being reviewed".
    As soon as I got my Biometrics done (today), the account was updated and the biometrics is showing "completed".

    I just want to reply to this thread so I'm following it, and again thank you @derkdsou for the evidence-based, informal timeline for the process!
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  13. Hi all
    My AOR is 25th,April
    Medical passed on 5th,june

    Since then status was ' in progress'

    Today I got an update on my profile and status changed to 'we are processing your background check'

    Can I presume that my application is in IP2?
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  14. The PPR paragraph is very concerning. Are you telling you me that you will not receive a PPR message in your CIC account when the PPR email is sent you?
  15. U didn't get biometric request?Have u paid biometric fee?

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