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Application Stages + What They Mean (MEP, IP1, IP2, Ghost Update...) - Version 2019

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by derkdsou, Feb 15, 2019.

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    Guys, there is my timeline.
    Can someone clarify what my stage can be now.

    Inland, CEC
    AOR - May 31
    Profile updated:MEP+We are reviewing your BG-July 9
    Profile update email-July 10
    Ghost update-July 10 (not sure if the email was for this update or for MEP just a day before. When I got the email that my profile was updated I logged in and saw it was updated indeed but no status changes)
    Ghost update-July 12
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  3. Can anyone comment on my case please! Thanks a lot!

    Basic information:
    FSW - Inland, Express Entry
    AOR: June 17 (biometrics included as I applied for study permit two years earlier)
    MEP: July 22
    Email Update: July 23 saying that my application has been updated, but I did not see any changes on my application status page.

    A bit of confusion here:
    - 7pm July 22, I checked my application and it said "Application updated" (no email). I opened up the page and saw that my biometrics was linkedin to my express entry application
    - 9pm July 22, I checked my application again (yes, I am obsessed), and it said "Application updated) again (no email). I opened up the page and saw MEP.
    - 8pm July 23, I received an email saying that my application has been updated. I opened my account and nothing changed.
    - Since 7pm July 22, my BG check status has always been "We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information". And that causes my confusion.

    Hope someone can shed some light on my case like what happened and which step am I in now?
  4. July 14 - Email notification regarding application update.

    July 17 - Ghost Update -
    Background check (Same since AOR) - We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information.
    Biometrics - Completed.

    July 24 - Ghost Update -
    Background check - Your application is in progress. We will send you a message when we start your background check.
    Biometrics - July 16, 2019 Completed.

    Where do I stand as per theory of this thread?
  5. What is your aor date
  6. June 4, 2019
  7. I'm not sure I'm now IP2 or just false IP2?
    My timeline:
    AoR: 6.19
    MEP: 7.24
    got an email today but nothing changed in the profile.
    BG check says:
    • We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information.
  8. IP1, from the information you have provided.
    False IP2.
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  9. Hello my friends can anybody give me any idea which stage am I now please
    -AOR June 18
    -MEP July 23
    -Application updated July 23 ( MEP and BG change from not applicable to we are processing...)
    -Ghost update 1 July 24 around i pm
    -Email update ( but no changes) July 24 after ghost update ( I thought it was for theMEP of previous day)
    -Ghost update 2 July 24 around 5 pm
  10. Can u plz tell that it takes how many days after the third ghost update to receive ppr email?
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  11. Hi guys,

    I recently added my wife to my application(FSW-O).

    Below is my timeline.
    AOR - 27th Oct 2018.
    Got married - 17 May 2019.
    Received ADR for spouse's list of documents - 5 June 2019.
    ADR uploaded - 2 July 2019.
    Spouse name added to EE profile - 4 July 2019.

    Ever since uploading the ADR files the status on my profile says:

    Review of additional documents: Not applicable.

    Could someone please explain to me does it mean? & What are the stages after uploading ADR?

    Thanks in advance.
  12. I also had "not applicable" after uploading the ADR. I tried doing some research on the forum, but couldn't come to anything conclusive. Below is just my own experience -- I'm just posting it here for reference; keep in mind that it may very well be different for you.

    For me, I had an ADR for a PCC. A few hours after I uploaded the PCC, the ADR status turned into "not applicable".
    About a month later, the ADR status turned into "we're reviewing the additional document you provided".
    Two days after that, PPR.

    Now, after visa was stamped and the application status became approved, dates were posted for the status items.
    For background check, the completion date shows the date I uploaded the ADR.
    For eligibility review, the completion date shows the date the ADR status turned into "reviewing" (which doesn't make much sense).

    So maybe one shouldn't read much to the ADR status (or any of those statuses for that matter). Even though I'm expecting to get the passport back tomorrow, the ADR status is still showing "we're reviewing".
  13. Can anyone help add me to the group? +1 (416) 824-7979. Thanks.
  14. Hi All, would like to share my timeline. I'm a PR Applicant under spousal sponsorship.


    March 22 - Application Received

    March 16 - Sponsor Approval

    May 23 - Transferred to MVO

    May 27 - Started processing application PA

    May 30 - Biometrics Completed

    June 8 - Medical Passed

    July 29 - Ghost Update

    Will I be expecting PPR email soon? Thank you!

  15. Hi Mbaleine,

    Thanks for the information. I wish there was some kind of flow after submitting ADRs. But every case is different so it might not be possible to standardize the process.
    I have completed 1 month today. No Ghost update for me yet. Since i added my Wife's name to my application It will probably take more than a month.
    Fingers crossed.

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