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Application Stages + What They Mean (MEP, IP1, IP2, Ghost Update...) - Version 2019

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by derkdsou, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. Thanks
    And have you any idea
    Now after all this how much time to get ppr
    Btw my visa office is CIO Sydney Nova Scotia
  2. By email only. It's in the definition of a PPR.

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  3. Does anyone have any thoughts on my status?

    ITA: 30/01/19
    AOR: 26/02/2019
    *Account says We are Processing...* = False IP2
    MEP: 04/04/2019
    BIO Request: 04/04/2019
    * Email that account has been updated; nothing changed* 05/04/2019
    BIO Submitted: 08/04/2019
    BIO Confirmed: 09/04/2019
    Ghost Update (no email): 15/04/2019


  4. Thank you Dear. Dreaming for that golden email.
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  5. This has all been covered in the main post of the thread, but I'll go over it here:
    The email you received on 5/4 was your IP1.
    The ghost update you had on 15/4 was your IP2.
    Your next ghost update will signify that a PPR is imminent.

  6. Apologies, wasn't entirely sure, so thanks for the clarification. When you say "IP2" do you mean it's in progress, or rather it's completed?
  7. An IP2 usually means that your eligibility (A11.2) and criminality have been marked passed and that your security is ongoing. Those are really the three main pillars of your application with eligibility being the trickiest, so it's only a matter of time before you have your PPR.

  8. @derkdsou
    Stumbled on this video and thought I'd share it with you :D
    Our conversation about French vs. English :D

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  9. Hahahaha, il a pecho une meuf chelou! MDR. Yes, we forgot all about verlan. C'est ouf.

  10. Thanks for such an informative thread and answering all queries.
    My question is what does the check in background pillar??
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  11. Thank you for this post. Any idea at which stage does the eligibility get checked?
  12. Thank you guys so much for the summary! Super helpful!
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  13. @derkdsou Here is my timeline:

    AOR 27th Jan
    My only Ghost update was on the 11th March were I received an email. Logged in and I found that I passed Medical and that BIL have been also received.

    My BG status have been '' We are processing your Background Check '' ever since. I have been checking my online account once everyday ever since and couldn't notice any Ghost updates ever since.

    Am quite confused as where I do stand right now. I did notice that many of my fellow applicants whom have a similar Jan AOR have got at least two ghost updates by now.

    What do you think of this case?

    Primary VO: Ottawa
    Secondary VO: Edmonton
  14. This is why I tell everyone to ignore these so-called ghost updates, as they don't reflect true status of an application.
    Applicants keep comparing their situation with others, and it creates confusion.

    You have just passed medicals and received biometrics request, so your application is still at an early stage. You most probably passed R10, and your criminality is most likely underway already.

    Other than that, not much else can be said with great confidence.

    Forget about Casper. ;)
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  15. If only Casper can be for real :D:D

    Thanks for your feedback

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