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Application Stages + What They Mean (MEP, IP1, IP2, Ghost Update...) - Version 2019

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by derkdsou, Feb 15, 2019.

  1. Hi @derkdsou

    Your effort and time is highly appreciated, for taking such dedication in sharing details of application processing. If I may however respectfully share my position on the matter.

    As much as I agree with some things, I don't think I agree with the idea of analysing the process too much, as it more often than not cause confusion and frustration, rather than clarity.

    -Where is my first ghost update?? Does that mean I'm still in IP1?? Oh wait hold on, just received PPR.
    -I have received 3 ghost updates already, but GCMS says eligibility not started! IRCC agent on the phone confirms the same.

    And so on...

    These are the kind of questions that literally keep people from sleeping at night, thinking that their application isn't where it's supposed to be based on these principles. So much frustration has been caused because of so-called IP1/IP2/etc stages, where applicants made conclusions based on those false premises, only to find themselves even more dazed and confused. I don't think we should come up with a new system... Just let the old one die.

    I don't think we should make the assumption that a first ghost update means that we completed so-called IP1, and a second ghost update means we completed IP2. What do IP1 and IP2 mean anyways?... I disagree with the idea that either false status means we completed eligibility or criminality or whatever. We have no evidence of that whatsoever, and I must say, more often than not, it's not true.

    Some applicants have received ghost updates, with no actual progress being made on the application, with everything on GCMS notes showing "Not Started". Others on the other hand have never received any update at all, only to see a PPR pop-up out of nowhere!

    Also, the problem lies in the fact that when applicants see these kinds of "rules", they think it applies to everyone, and get very frustrated when their application doesn't seem to follow the claimed trend, thinking it's going sideways and lose sleep over it!

    If it was just up to me, I'd just tell everyone to just aim for 6 months processing time, and let it progress! What good does it do to know if you passed criminality?... Of course you'll pass it, your police reports say you're all good!

    People will read this, and come back in 3-4 months and say, "Hey! I haven't received any updates! Does that mean there is no progress". There is no answer to that really...

    But then again, people are naturally drawn to finding answers in things, and that's okay. But coming up with a system? I don't think it's the right thing, because it doesn't apply to everyone...

    Like we say at home, maybe I just plunged my sword in water... But I do personally believe this new claimed system will continue to confuse people in thinking there are signs that give away where their application really is.

  2. Well said! Well said Mr.
    You nailed it and I hope people would stop worrying too much about where they stand. It will come , when it come.
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  3. It's very hard to know how long someone will stay in their Real IP1 before moving on to Real IP2; there are too many factors to consider. You don't have a signature so I cannot comment more on your application. Good luck!

  4. What is Real IP1 and Real IP2?
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  5. Hi @Peacekeeper87, thank you for this - I value your feedback. I think our intention behind posting this is not to cause worry, but to help answer and troubleshoot the simpler questions that people are coming with to the forums. There is already a lot of confusion around what an IP1 or IP2 mean and it is good to have one place where people can go to understand these terms. We are being explicit that all of this is informal and that these terms and methods of "tracking" one's application don't mean anything to IRCC. Finally, I'll add that different people deal with stress and anxiety differently - it's not all binary; more information doesn't mean less panic and vice versa. For someone like me, I deal with my anxiety by learning about and engaging with the progress of other people's applications. And isn't everything to be taken with a huge grain of salt on this forum anyway? Glad you have that PPR, and good to see you continuing to participate after this milestone!

  6. At what stage usually do IRCC request for ADR, if needed? I received MEP on March 5, and the next day, received an email saying "your application was updated" but I observed no changes at all after loggin in. Thanks!
  7. At any time across the whole 6 month processing time.
    Probability of getting ADR doesn't decrease with time.
    Many applicants have received ADR for example for travel history or updated POF after 5-6 months.
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  8. This is totally off-topic, but in which country/language do you say that? Does it have the same meaning as "carrying coal to Newcastle"? Really interested!
  9. Yeah I think it does indeed!
    We say it in French. "Donner un coup d'epée dans l'eau". Meaning you try to do something but it's totally useless and won't yield any results.
    There is another one in Arabic (Morocco). Literally translated, you get "It's like I'm pouring water in sand". :D
    There are plenty others but they're quite racist ... :p
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  10. Hi
    I am not @derkdsou but I want to answer your query as I am also facing the same medical furtherance.

    And the answer is that your application will not be put on hold and it will be processed normally as others . Though your medical will remain under review until the results of further tests arrive.

    BTW, Good Luck.
  11. you guys want real response... lines have blurred on all thsese statuses now... because now 80% status update is program based which is in turn based on human intervention... so may or may not see all these imaginary status we have made
  12. Wonderful, thank you for replying, @g90. @Gemini_june had actually written to me via PM as well, and my reply was more or less the same as yours.

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  13. Hello ,
    Thanks for your input. Really appreciate .Thanks and good luck to you as well.
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  14. Great research... Highly appreciated... But what will happen to FSW Outland Candidates with AOR before December 30, 2018 and with the biometrics requirement? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi @Tristan71, did your Background Check start out in False IP2 or NA1? Since you had to provide biometrics, I'm guessing False IP2, in which case the chart should apply to you. The ghost updates you see will signify your transition from IP1 to IP2 and so on.


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