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Adding spouse after ppr, taking too long, please connect here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Aroonabi, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. There wont be any restrictions and can work.
  2. Hi do you know your vo?
  3. Ottawa + Vienna
  4. Hi
    Is there anybody has an experience about adding spouse in pnp based papre application ?
    And what are the delays ?
    I m aug 16 candidate ainp inland
  5. Why dont more people simply add their spouse after Aor but before Ppr? Your points will not be recalculated and the visa officer can easily integrate you and your spouses file during the same bg check process. Overall it would take a shorter time. Thats what i was told on cic call.

    But this may not apply to everyone.
  6. Guys is there any way we can check status with local visa office?
    It is almost four months for me, medical and rprf for spouse sent 40 days ago. Eligibility is passed, I guess the background checks are what's taking so much time, I don't understand why..The wait is horrible.
  7. May be GCMS notes is your best choice and you may get them after 30 days from submission date.
  8. Hi have u received ppr?
    I added my husband in june n still haven't got it. God knows what's happening.
  9. Not yet, still waiting. Did you get your gcms? If yes check your notes, you might be under security screening..
  10. Hi
    Could u
  11. I raised cse form about the change in my status. They replied me back in 15 days to be exact. They asked for docs for my husband
  12. Aroonabi is there any news? Did you get the gcms?
  13. Nothing after they asked for additional doc in nov 13. Had sent the docs the same day. I have ordered gcsm notes a week ago.
    Whats ur update?
  14. Need help
    Today cic asked for marriage certificate and other bunch of doc and told me to upload on mycic account. But in supporting doc option there is only one slot to upload file.
    Is there anybody who can help me to go through this process ??
    How i suppose to upload doc ?
    Or they will add another slots once i start uploading files?
    If anyone has gone through this process plz reply
  15. No update yet since rprf request 23th October. In GCMS only security is pending, everything else is passed.

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