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Adding spouse after ppr, taking too long, please connect here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Aroonabi, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Hi aroonabi
    Did u land as a immigrant after your ppr or did they cancel your ppr and told u to send documents of spouse
  2. They cancelled the pr
  3. There is a change in my family composition after I got my PR. How should I inform CIC ?
    Should i raise cse and upload a supporting document? Or should I mail them?
    What about if I reply to the ppr mail?
    Please suggest
  4. You can raise a CSE (don't have to upload document, just explain that you are getting married) or reply to the PPR email. I did both things to be sure they got it.
  5. Congrarts Tammy91.

    I am in similar situation of adding spouse after PR submission.
    Sent email to add spouse on Oct 3rd and given time up to Nov 3rd to submit the updated/additional documents.
    In forms, CIC wants me to submit
    Updated Generic Application form for Canada IMM 0008 for yourself and your spouse or CLP.
    Updated Additional Family Information Form IMM 5406 for yourself and your spouse or CLP.

    for these documents do I need to update forms from Primary Applicant point of view or have to submit two forms (Primary applicant and Spouse)?

    Thanks for your input.
  6. I mailed them and they have asked me to fill many forms which am not able to download. Please help
  7. Guys, there is a change in my family composition after ppr. I have got one pdf fron cic and they have asked me to return the copr and passport.
    How do i send them? They have not mailed me anything. Also there are no place holders in my account to upload any document. Please help as what to do
  8. Any body who is on the same boat as mine please help me.
  9. Can anybody tell me how to send back the copr and passport so that it can be cancelled as I have added spouse after my pr? Please tell me
  10. Cancelled first ppr. Now we got ppr for me and my spouse.
  11. Hope the same for you. All the best! Answered your query through conversation. :)
  12. If u added ur spouse after ppr, did u get any mail or so ? @tammy ? I dont have any placeholder in my account
  13. Thank you! :)

    I suggest you go through the guidelines given on CIC website to fill each form. As certain forms are required to be filled by the both and some only by your spouse.
  14. Yes, I received an email when I added him where I was asked to submit the additional docs for my husband.

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