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Adding spouse after ppr, taking too long, please connect here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Aroonabi, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Hi Friends,

    May be this is not the right thread to ask my question but nevertheless my problem is similar. I am a March 4 2017 AOR with PNP Nomination from Ontario. I have not PPR yet.

    I got married on 29 July 2017 and informed IRCC through a CSE about the change in my marital status. When I did not get a reply I raised another CSE on 5th October. I got only generic replies from IRCC that my the documents sent by me have been forwarded to the responsible office for their consideration. I wrote emails to CPC Ottawa and NDVO asking asking where my file is located and the status of my request to add my wife. I got a reply from CPC Ottawa that my file is with NDVO and nothing else. I called NDVO and tried to know the status they refused to share the status on phone. The person on the phone just told me to re-send the email with "Urgent" mentioned in the subject line. When I tried to do the same my email to NDVO ( email address : DELHI-IMMIGRATION@international.gc.ca ) is getting bounced. I will order my GCMS Notes. Please let me know if there is any other email address of NDVO where I can email. Also please suggest what I should do. I am not even able to send the documents for my wife to add to her my application.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Pavan Kumar Yarala
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  2. Can you provide the CIC Forms list and who filled which docs in your case?
    I have to submit (IMM 0008, IMM 5406, IMM 5669, IMM5562 E). Last two docs by spouse only. I want to know whether first 2 docs have to be filled by Primary Applicant and Spouse by both or only by Primary Applicant(With spouse info).?
  3. Send the same email to Ottawa office with URGENT in subject line.
  4. Sent
  5. This is what I did, so for your info:

    IMM0008 --> Only you fill it, there's a section for your spouse in the same form.
    IMM5406 --> Both you and your spouse fill it separately, each person 1 form. For example, when you fill it, the father & mother's name will be your father and mother. In your wife's form, it is her father and mother.
  6. Thanks mate.

    I did the same and submitted yesterday.
  7. Hello Darko,
    Any update on your application?
    Does your spouse did upfront medicals or get medicals request later from CIC (If so after how long)?

    Thanks mate.
  8. Guys. I am on IP2 since Aug 31. Getting married at the end of this month. I will get Marriage certificate within a week of getting married. After marriage, my Spouse will apply for a new passport with me as her guardian (it's required for her UAE resident visa). Getting the new passport might take around 45 days after marriage.

    My question is that when should I inform CIC regarding the change in my status? and how much time does CIC gives to submit my Spouse's documents?

  9. We didn't do an upfront medical. I got medical request along with RPRF only for my wife on 23th October. She did it last week and I will upload it to MyCIC on Monday.
    I added her to my application on 11th of August.

  10. I would recommend to start/update process for spouse new passport immediately after marriage.
    You can inform CIC after 2-3 weeks of marriage, so that you will have enough time to get the new passport.

    or Inform CIC immediately, with LOE and ask for 45 days time to add spouse docs.

    Generally they give 30 days (They gave me 30 days).
  11. Yeah, but new passport will take around one month after marriage. And I have heard sometimes they give around 7 days to submit all documents. Therefore, I should wait for the new passport. Thanks!
  12. Guys got the PPR mail today.

    Below is my timeline:

    Submitted docs : 21st july
    Got married in August
    Informed CIC about marriage on 4-5 September
    1st PPR : 8 September
    Request for additional documents for spouse on 13 September within 7 days
    Submitted spouse’s documents on 19th September
    PPR 11th November
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  13. Congrats !!!
    Quick question
    Was it a express entry category or paper based ???
  14. Express entry
  15. Congratulations to everyone for successful family composition changes. On an average I see a time of 4 months overall.
    My question is, this updated pr for spouse allows them to work too? Or are there any restrictions?

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