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Adding spouse after ppr, taking too long, please connect here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Aroonabi, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Hi guys, anyone with the same status, please share ur experience here. Its been more than 3 mnths since i sent docs for my husband. No decision made till now.
    My VO is New Delhi
  2. I added spouse after stamping 11th August. 3 weeks later she got UCI number. Haven't heard anything else from CIC so far.
    Today I ordered GCMS notes.
  3. I added my spouse on 12th June. Sent additional documents on 31st August. No update from CIC yet. We are getting really anxious now. VO is New Delhi but right now the file is at CPC Ottawa.
  4. they have to recheck medicals and background check so it will take time time. it's exactly why waited till we got married before applying.
  5. Thats great. It was not really possible in our case.
  6. yeah i think it takes just a bit less than regular application (minus the check for points and wes and such)
  7. That’s right. This wait seems to be endless now.
  8. Hello Everyone,

    Even I am on the same boat. Did anyone of the forum posted a successful adding of spouse after ppr?
  9. Tammy how do you know that your file is at Ottawa now?
  10. I called CIC and asked. Also wrote an email enquiring about my visa office. They replied that my file is at CPC Ottawa right now.
  11. Hey guys, can anyone please point out a thread/link with the steps to add spouse after ppr? I´m particularly concerned about submitting proof of funds. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. In my opinion, there is nothing bigger than PR. I would say that's not a right time to change his job. I want d to switch my job long time ago. But I waited my PR and then I quit. You need to put your priority things first. I suggest you and your husband go back to India and finish your PR, and then do whatever you like.
  13. What additional docs did they ask? I heard that NDVO is too slow. Thats why its taking so long. Otherwise we have seen many cases who got ppr jst aftr 4-8 weeks after addition
  14. They asked to re submit the Schedule A form for my spouse.
    Don’t know about NDVO being slow as right now the file is at CPC Ottawa. They are also delaying the process. Its been 2 months we sent the requested additional documents. Total 4 months from the time I added my spouse.
  15. Im in the same boat too. Documents sent sept 15, no update yet.

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