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Adding spouse after ppr, taking too long, please connect here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Aroonabi, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Hi @Aroonabi @Darko986 @Aijuly

    I am in a similar situation. Your answers will help me a lot.

    I am an 7th Aug 2017 AOR applicant. Received PPR on 8th Jan 2018. Got Married on 24th Nov 2017.

    Raised CSE Web Form - New Delhi, eMailed DELHI-IMMIGRATION@international.gc.ca, CPC-CTD-Ottawa@cic.gc.ca on Jan 9th.

    No response so far.

    Called Ottawa they said my Local Visa Office is NDVO so they cannot help me. They told me to contact Sydney NS. Mailed them today.

    Am i missing anything friends?

    My PPT letter expires on Feb 7. I was planning to send a covering letter with hard copies of all the forms they usually ask for my spouse and myself by courier to their mailing address. Do you guys think this is a good thing to do?

    Thanks a lot
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  2. Did you used "URGENT" word in the subject of email?
    Did you contact Sydney NS through email or mail?

    Your account will be updated once they look into your email/profile. Generally they will respond within 20 days. I recommend to wait for 10 more days.
    As you already informed about status change, no need to worry about PPR deadline.

    Just asking - Why do you waited until PPR to inform about martial status change?
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  3. Congrats @mqamar1994 :)

    I thought you are landing first before getting married. I was thinking of asking you before how to add my spouse to my application but never saw you posted about getting married :).
    I am happy for you too and I wish you the best.

    @gowthamp already said it usually takes 20 days to add a spouse from the day you raised the request.

    For my case, it was added on the same day I sent the documents via email to SGVO.
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    I didnot use URGENT in the subject line. Do you suggest me mailing again with URGENT?

    I sent email to Sydney NS on this id -

    I saw this id on of the threads in the forum. It wasnt there on the IRCC website.

    Hopefully. Thanks for the info.

    I dont know why. I guess I should have raised the request earlier. Would have speeded up adding the spouse.
  5. Hey :) How are you?

    Congrats on your wedding too :)

    How did you raise a request through web form or directly emailed SGVO?

    Im really confused. I have mailed DELHI, OTTAWA, SYDNEY so far and raised request through web form as well :D
  6. Thanks :)

    I emailed CPC Ottawa first, got a response in 2 days that my file has already been transferred to SGVO. I wasn’t married then when I got the checklist from SGVO.

    Maybe you can wait for few more days. If you still didn’t get any response, try calling IRCC. I did that when I inquired about paying spouse RPRF and the response was really quick, a new placeholder for RPRF was opened the following day.

    For the meantime, gather all the documents required so you can just upload or submit as soon as they request for it. Good luck.:)
  7. is this the mail ID - CPC-CTD-Ottawa@cic.gc.ca?

    I mailed them twice so far but they didnt reply yet its been 10 days now.

    I called CPC Ottawa too the other day (1-888-242-2100), they said that I should contact SYDNEY or NDVO :(

    Can you please help me in the documents you were asked?

    I have found varying lists here. Gathered all of them.
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    The required docs are badically the same for all. This is the email I got from SGVO:

    To advise us of a change to your family composition, please send us a signed letter via mail or email, providing us with all required changes to your file. The following information must be included in the letter if we are to make the changes:

    - full name,
    - date of birth,
    - file number [Letter followed by a nine-digit number],
    - telephone number, including area code,
    - mailing address

    As we require your signature on this information, please note that your current family composition has not been amended in our records.

    How to add your spouse to your application:
    In order to add your spouse to your application, we require the following documents:
    · Updated IMM0008 Generic form and updated IMM5406 “Additional Family Information” form for yourself
    · Schedule A Background Declaration form, and a Family Information form completed and signed by your spouse
    · Processing fee for your spouse (if accompanying you to Canada)
    · Notarized copy of the birth certificate of your spouse
    · Copy of your spouse’s valid passport
    · Two recent passport-size photographs of your spouse according to the specifications
    · A copy of your marriage certificate and marriage registration
    · A few wedding photographs
    · Police clearance certificates for any country in which the spouse has resided in for 6 months or more since turning 18
    · The Right of Permanent Residence Fee will need to be paid before a visa can be issued to your spouse (if accompanying you to Canada)

    There is a confusion on IMM0008 whether spouse needs to fill it out too, but only the PA needs that with the spouse name on it.

    IMM5406 is to be filled out separately by you and your spouse. Schedule A is for spouse only.

    The medical exam is not on the list but sent it upfront too. So far no ADR has been asked yet. His name with UCI was added in my account on 20-Dec.

    Edit: Yes, that’s the email address. I am calling this number +1 (613) 944-4000 using Hangouts.
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    Thanks a lot Christy :)

    This really helps. Cant thank you enough. I’ll probably have to wait until monday to call them.

    Edit - I emailed CPC-CTD-Ottawa & Delhi for the third time today with URGENT in Subject :D

    Hope they respond soon. Will call them on Monday.
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  10. You’re welcome. Post the update. Good luck :)
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  11. Yes I will :)

    Thanks a lot.
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  12. Hi Aroonabi / Tammi. Could you please advise me.

    I have my PR visa stamped and its valid for entry till Sep 2018. I am getting married in April 2018. I was planning to do a soft landing before April and then relocate permanently in Aug 2018 and try to find a decent job before winters. My wife would not be moving to Canada till I find a reputable job in the country. Would it be advisable to land now as single or wait till post marriage.

    I am awry of things going wrong or any policy changes incase I return my visa now and that is why I was looking at Spousal Sponsorship route. Also, I would avoid landing in Winters, so returning my COPR + PR visa would mean a delay of one year as we would get our Marriage registered only by May.

    Unless, I am required to live in Canada for few months before I can sponsor my spouse, I do not see sponsorship as a challenge as my spouse would take around 4-5 months to leave her job in India and wrap up everything here before moving for good.

    Please guide on any unforeseen complications here and suggest the best alternative.
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  13. How many upload tab they opened for u ??
  14. Not too many, just 11 placeholders o_O:p:D

    That was when I inquired how to upload the RPRF receipt, 3 weeks after my spouse’s name was added to my account. :)
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  15. Mine has just one and it says spouse add on kit
    Really confused how i m gonna upload 4 forms and passport marriage certificate and pcc.
    I should try to ipload whole folder i guess .
    Any suggestions ?????

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