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Adding spouse after ppr, taking too long, please connect here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Aroonabi, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Scan the files with low resolution.

    For the IMM0008, just print and scan the last page (with the signature) and merge it with the original PDF, in that case, file size will be smaller.

    The first set of documents I sent to SGVO email is 20MB already. That includes more than 20 wedding pictures too.

    Do you know if your file was already transferred to your VO?
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  2. @iamxty can i know the combination that you dialed in order to reach the agent at IRCC (when you called their number)
  3. Lol. Not sure but I think it’s 1111 until you are asked for the EE number and year of birth then 2-2-2. After that, you’ll hear a voice prompt for the status of the application, press 9 to talk to an agent, then wait :D:)
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  4. @iamxty can i know the combination that you dialed in order to reach the agent at IRCC (when you called their number)
    Lol ok :) Thanks
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  5. No odead bcz i havent submit the documents .
    Last time i checked it was in ottawa and thenafter i got my passport call.
    Another question
    Hoe did u upload the pictures
    They told me to send them front and back with address and dob.
    How did u do it?????
  6. Your VO must be Ottawa then. What is your stream?

    I sent the digital copy only. That front and back is for the PPR.
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  7. So I tried calling them yesterday but all their agents seemed to be busy.

    I feel the best i can do is wait for Delhi to Reply :(
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  8. I usually call between 8:30-9:00 Ottawa time. The shortest waiting time I had was 5 minutes, and longest is 30 minutes :eek:
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  9. Yeah, I think its ottawa. My category is PNP Alberta.
    I think i should send the digital photo as well but under photo specification it says front and back of the picture.
  10. Finally received a reply from Delhi. They have sent me the list of documents to upload. Suprisingly that doesnt have a medical exam in it. Either way i will attach a copy of my spouse’s medical exam :)

    They have asked for marriage registration too. I have a Marriage certificate only:(

    What did you submit for this?
  11. Medical exam is also not in my list but also sent it :)

    I sent marriage certificate too. We got married in Singapore and we got that document only. We also have it attested in Indian Embassy but I only sent the copy of original cert.

    Did you have new placeholders in your CIC or are you sending it through email?
  12. Same here I only have Marriage Certificate.

    Yes they opened placeholders for me. None for Medical & Updated Proof of Funds.

    I was thinking of emailing the Medicals & Bank Statements as no slot is open
  13. How many slots did you have? One for each document?
  14. I have 9 slots
  15. I actually sent our documents twice, first through email then after 3 weeks (when I asked to upload the RPRF), another 11 slots were opened, one for each document.

    I attached the proof of funds to the IMM0008, and the medical exam in the PCC :)
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