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ACICS Accredited Institutions

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by arun2633, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Has anyone got their ACICS degree accredited by any agency recently?
  2. Hi, I Spoke to ACICS and seems they had discussions with Canadian Evaluation agencies.
    Looks like, they are not accepting the ACICS Degrees.
  3. One of my friend got his ACICS Masters Degree evaluated as "Private Career College Qualification"..He also has Bachelors.
    So the assessment "Private Career College Qualification" has any significance in CIC (Canada Immigration)..
    I guess the evaluation should be "Masters/Bachelors/Diploma/Certificate".
    Can he submit the profile with this assessment. Do they consider this..Please advise.

  4. @srinikrish

    I believe that's a positive evaluation of ACICS degree qualification and can be clubbed into "Two or More degrees category". Though, it is good to contact official sources at that evaluating agency or Canadian immigration about this query.

    Kindly please let us know which of the five Canadian evaluating agency gave that evaluation of "Private Career College Qualification".
    Because as per this forum, almost all five agencies either declined to accept/complete evaluation or they duped candidate's money by replying "Not an equivalent to Canadian degree".


  5. Hello Srinikrish, would you please let me know which agency was that? This is the first time I'm hearing this kind of evaluation which seems a good positive sign!
  6. Any updates? Please let us know.
  7. Hi,

    I have graduated from NPU in April 2016 ,I am planning to apply for Canada PR.
    By watching above thread i got to know that there is no WES evaluation for ACICS graduates.
    Can anyone please suggest me is there any other way to evaluate my masters degree?
  8. Any updates guys?
    I think we need to call IRCC and attract their attention on this issue!
  9. NPU recently received a regional accreditation from WASC. Does this change anything for those who graduated from NPU when it was accredited only by ASICS.
  10. NPU DSO's reply to me states that, Degree will be evaluated by ICAS,IQAS and ICES. Not sure how true this is.

    "Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear about the inconvenience and want to provide you with additional options to make sure that your transcript is properly evaluated in Canada.

    NPU is seen as a valid educational institution in Canada. Unfortunately, CES only evaluates transcripts from California universities that are WASC-accredited. While NPU is in the process of seeking WASC accreditation, for the time being NPU is accredited by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools, so NPU students and alumni need to use a different credentialing service in order to be evaluated in Canada. The agencies that will do such an evaluation are linked below:

    International Credential Assessment Services of Canada:

    International Qualifications Assessment Service:

    International Credential Evaluation Service:
    If you have any issues with your transcript being evaluated by any of the above agencies, please let us know. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced and are happy to provide any additional assistance we can.

    Designated School Official
    Northwestern Polytechnic University"

    I started working with ICAS, seems like processing time is 20 weeks. My documents have been delivered and updated, waiting for the rest of the process.
    I checked with WES on this and they replied:
    "Thank you for contacting World Education Services (WES).

    Please be advised not all Institutions or credentials are listed in the Equivalency tool.
    Please complete an application on www.wes.org. If your credential is not subject to an evaluation by WES, we will cancel your application and refund the fees paid."

    Any update from the last year applications guys, Do we have any luck on this shit?
  11. @ren998965 did u cross check with the other evaluation agencies referred by the DSO if they will be evaluating the degree.
    I have the transcript's when NPU was accredited with ASICS.
  12. I did not actually, I wasn't aware of this issue until I was told by one of my friends and looked into this forum.
    I applied through ICAS , not sure how it goes. Here is the status I have for now.
    Date Event
    03-25-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    03-18-2019 Additional Information / Documents Received
    02-08-2019 Application Received

    I'm still waiting. Seems like processing time for ICAS is 20 weeks. Looking for other options simultaneously.
  13. Guys, I've recently done ECA from WES.
    They are still not recognizing ACICS.
    ECA date is February 08, 2019.

    But, I came up with one idea: what if we NOSTRIFICATE this diploma in our countries and get official report and apply it to WES and/or other organizations?
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    @ren998965 and other forum members,

    I believe none of the five education evaluation agencies in Canada are accepting any of the ACICS degrees.

    WES- declines on its online website application itself about any of ACICS institutions degree submission.

    ICAS- after emailing them below is their reply,
    “ICAS can provide a meaningful assessment only if the institution attended is regionally-accredited. No meaningful assessment can be provided for study completed at an institution which is (or was) nationally-accredited.

    We are sorry that we are not able to assist you.
    ICAS of Canada”.

    IQAS- they won't say in email contact but after submission, they will cancel and refund our package.

    BCIT ICES - replied to me via email "Presently there has bee no change in status regarding ACICS recognition; we do not accept it. Thank you."

    Univ of Toronto CES - kindly avoid them as they won't say whether they accept ACICS degrees or not but they will take full evaluation processing time and print report that says "we don't evaluate ACICS degrees" and also they will never refund $210 fees plus any courier fees if paid.

    Hopefully, IRCC or CIC themselves correct their confusing criteria to USA based education.
    Regards to all...
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  15. @pnjuly1 Thanks for your Response. This shit is real bad. So for now we don 't have any option to apply for PR in Canada, except going there for another Masters?

    What are the options for Australian PR? Do we need to get WES evaluation for Australia too? Please advise

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