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ACICS Accredited Institutions

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by arun2633, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Reply from ICAS,

    Please note that this information should not affect the processing time of your requested Assessment Report. Your file has been deemed “ready for assessment” on the basis of the Master of Science in Electrical Engineering awarded by Northwestern Polytechnic University; your file will subsequently be placed in queue for assessment under the date of March 12th (the date upon which the signed Document Submission Form and copies arrived in our office).

    Check the underlined statement, this means it considers Masters degree from NPU? Any thoughts?
  2. Sounds like it they are going through with the process.Sane think to do would be to call and confirm with ICAS helpdesk.
    Please do let us know for any updates.
  3. Did you get your Evaluation Credential report by ICAS?
  4. Is any updates?
  5. Hello bro ,

    I am also same boat, did u get any update from icas...can u please share me your contact number??
  6. They replied on the timeline query:
    Please note that the current estimated processing time for the Canadian Immigration Assessment package is approximately 25 weeks from the date upon which sufficient documentation was received in our office. For your file, sufficient documentation was received on March 12th (the date upon which the signed Document Submission Form and copies were received).

    For reference, please note that ICAS’ Assessment and Research Consultants are currently preparing reports for files for which sufficient documentation was received on September 30th.

    I'm not yet sure if they ll consider NPU's Master or not. Should wait around 4 more months to get any information.
  7. Share your contact, will ping you.
  8. +15873408182
  9. +15873408182

  10. Hi Guys,

    I see that NPU ACICS Accreditation had been retained and valid till 12/31/2022. does this help us for applying educational evaluation.


  11. Any update?
  12. Thanks for the update, could you please keep posted for any response from ICAS.
  13. No update yet. I'm assuming to have an update in September or October.
  14. Seems we have no chance to get our ACICS accredited degree evaluating as Canada recognized.
    I have tried all five evaluation services. No one can give my Master degree as a meaningful result. IQAS even returned my application. Although my school is pre-accredited by Regional agency now.

    The reason why they don't recognize the nationally accredited degree because the CICIC, the self-discipline organization of these five agencies, set up an agreement with agencies, which only accept regionally accredited institutes from the USA as the recognition scope since 2015.
  15. Hey, did you give a try with Nostrification and applying it through WES, any luck?

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