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ACICS Accredited Institutions

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by arun2633, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. Anyone applied for Eval with ACICS degree to WES, after the reinstatement pls??
  2. Yes . I did . No use . They are not evaluating our masters.
  3. Hello All NPU Studied/ ACICS Folks,
    Can we all have a quick whats-app/Skype group, were we can discuss our past present and experience, research or future information for verification approval of ACICS accreditation from any of the 4 Canadian organizations.

    @sahi2, @canadalover111 ,@pnjuly1, @deesarva , @Mcanada12 ,@arun2633 ,@harsha0199 , @rajn, @bobby789 , @Sam_7511 ,@All_ACICS..

    It would be good that we all tie up live means of quick communication medium for this issue we facing with of accreditation of ACICS . Many of folks like us were not aware of this prediction of future of ACICS issues and ended up putting our precious 2 years of our lifespan time, parents hard money and effort with no value and now its a draw back even for our carrier with no use both in USA and out of USA, keeping lot more folks even standing with h1b issue and opt extension or even GC following up into EB3 inside. Even till today many faced h1b filling issues after accreditation loss. Records shows that until 2016 it was a valued body. But due to some reasons it got vain to students who completed there education. Its would be good that if we raise our voting of interest reaching NPU Email- ISS@NPU.EDU or RECORDS@NPU.EDU or ACICS: (202)-336-6780(USA) or Perlices wakers gilliam :2023366769. (pwgilliam@acics.org) or reach respected helpful firm to keep them understand the effect ACICS accreditation loss made to many students carrier. Wish soon ACICS might be taken this issue into consideration or would at least release support agreement norm for students who completed there education before with hold of accreditation date.. Any Inputs / valid helpful directions are really appreciated. Many Thanks for all above folks for putting in your effort and research...
  4. The procedure that these organizations are following seems too stupid and outdated. Even though the ACICS got its recognition restored, none of them are accepting our degree.
    Guys, please keep posting if you have any kind of updates.
  5. Guys I have done my Masters from NPU itself in the year 2015 but no use of it. WES or any other evaluating organisations are accepting the degrees from ACICS. I left USA an year back and currently planned to move CANADA but no use with my degree

  6. Dear All,

    First of all, thank you posting your insights for ACICS accreditation Universities. I got my WES evaluation PDF report on 08/07/2018. Please guide me, I also got the same report as University is not recognized. Below I have attached my PDF report screenshots.

    Credential Authentication: Documents were sent directly by the institution
    Country: United States of America
    Credential: Master of Science
    Year: 2016
    Awarded By: California University of Management and Sciences
    Status: ACICS Accredited (see remarks below)
    Major/Specialization: Computer Information Systems
    Canadian Equivalency: Master's degree from a non-recognized institution
    Remarks: Only institutions accredited by one of the six regional accrediting agencies in the United States are regarded by WES as recognized in Canada.

    Please help me guys, if I can use different evaluation other than WES. Please let us know, if anyone did ACICS University evaluation with different credentials evaluation organization.

  7. Hi,

    Please share the whats group or skype group. I will also join. I got my WES evaluation on 08/07/18 for Acics accredited University and same progress. Degree is not valid/recognized.

  8. Please share the whatsapp group or skype group. I would like to join.
  9. Guys if there is any update regarding ACICS issue please keep posted

  10. No update as yet ....
    I think because of excessive work load on them they are least bothered about updating their recognition list and nonetheless they are making huge revenues by not disclosing the universities they recognise and which one they don’t.
    I would suggest to try and max out ielts and that’s the only way we all acics students can enter Canada...
  11. Hey friends,
    Is there any hope to get evaluation from anyone of evaluation organization?
    If no , then what should we mention in our EE or PNP profile like we studied from ACICS ACCREDITED UNIVERSITY & we don't have evaluation report?
  12. Please share the whatsapp group or skype group. I would like to join.

  13. Is there any update on this?

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