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Winnipeg Visa Office

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by reddys, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Mine AOR was Nov 14th. I am in Toronto (not sure if that was your question). I will share my notes below, one sec! I don't know where @reddys is.. his profile shows last seen May 7th.
  2. I know you are from Toronto :) I was asking your file was moved from CIO to Winnipeg directly
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  3. Mmm kinda. They were transferring my file from CIO, to Edmonton and Vancouver and then ended up in Winnipeg (I know Winnipeg is under Vancouver), but all the transfers were only within a few days so basically was directly transferred from CIO because the other offices didn't do anything to my file. I forgot to mention my notes were issued Feb 27, 2019 @karki
  4. Thank you for the notes. Your A11.2 was reviewed after 45 days from R10 check, that's good. So basically after case analyst review on A11.2, you waited 3 months (starting from feb) to reach file to officer hand for making final decision. :D .

    I have order my notes last friday, AOR feb 8 , I hope I will see my A11.2 notes there :)

    Thank you @sumylili
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    You're welcome. I re-read your question regarding when my file was received by Winnipeg office. Sorry, I think I need coffee to wake up
    Basically, they reviewed my A11.2 in less than a month
  6. Good luck, hopefully you will receive your notes on time, I heard they are taking longer than 30 days.
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    Mine is also AOR Feb 8th and Primary VO is Winnipeg. I came to know from my notes about my VO. But I saw nothing was started except Medical passed. But there were couple of updates in Eligibility like the case analyst has checked my WES, IELTS, Age and PCC. I have ordered for another notes last tuesday. Hope something is updated in my next notes.Is your Background check shows as " Your application is in progress"?
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  8. So ,you and I have same status, you received R10 check in your note like as I did, Even I have ordered last Thursday new note, hopefully will receive within 30 days with A11.2 reviews
  9. It said R10 OK. Is your Eligibility says Started/In Progress in Assessments. Mine is Not started for Eligibility, Security, Criminality.
  10. Same as yours. But the note was old. Last week I have ordered again. I believe there will be updates in criminality and eligibility
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  11. Background check shows as " Your application is in progress" - YES!
  12. hey did you receive anything from cic by mail? I called them today and they told i should expect a mail soon, not sure if i misheard or the agent is mistaken
  13. Hey, should be email.. never heard they send mails

  14. I have the same status as yours

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