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Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by reddys, Apr 15, 2019.

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    Well, it depends where he took that agent code from. If it from the program assistant notes (at CIO) or from the first page of his notes.

    Edit: Just saw the agent code on the note he posted, my bad. Then he should have another one on top where the notes starts. Unless he does not have any agent assigned yet at Winnipeg
  2. Yes, good that you mention it!
  3. I didn't get the one I ordered 47 days ago, strange.
  4. In the "Notes" section you only have Note: 1? you don't have Note: 2?
  5. I have until Note 13
  6. And that was your Note 1?
  7. Can you please post your page 2 also :)
  8. If that one his Note 1 then that is the most updated one. I also have 15 Notes and basically, Note 1 (Winnipeg) and 2 (CIO) are the useful ones.
  9. The other notes look like the information i entered while filling out the application. stuff like has the applicant applied before, signature and consent for research purpose. Nothing important
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  10. Yeah, got it. Same here from Note 3 to Note 15. Thanks for sharing!! That means nobody at Winnipeg has touched your file :confused: but that was 42 days ago anyways
  11. Pages 2 of the notes Is a conclusion one :


    Org Crime:
    Other Reqs:

    Actually, I would like to see these parts :D
  12. Yeah that seems to be the case. The good thing is that the GCMS notes do not have anything concerning. It should move fast once somebody views it. Yours too if the notes look good.
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  13. Eligbility- Not started
    Security- Not started
    Criminality- Not started
    Medicals- Passed
    Info sharing- Complete
  14. Oho God !! Thanks !! It seems they will finalize all these things in a same day when they touch your file :D
  15. Hopefully!!

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