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Winnipeg Visa Office

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by reddys, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Where did you see this info?
  2. It says updated by BF9500 if thats the code for the person
  3. You can post a snapshot of first 2 pages and last two page, hide your UCI number
  4. Ohh I see, not the same then.
  5. This website wont let me paste image here for some reason
  6. It does not let you paste or upload an image. I believe you need to upload it on a website or google drive and share the link.
  7. It is ID of agent from CIO sydney.
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  8. Its got all the unnecessary declarations and consents.
  9. Did not claim any points for spouse. I answered no initially but raised a CSE for a statutory question on visa rejection. I had a H1B petition denied once. So i sent them a LOE.
  10. How do you know is CIO? Do you have the same? I have another for CIO agent C4735
  11. Because first stage of application (R10) is checked in CIO, sydney followed by medical pass, check in note; you can see. they can have many agents.
  12. I have read other thread, people mention a "yes" to any stat question will take a bit longer.
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  13. Yeah man. Better then misrepresentation.
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