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Winnipeg Visa Office

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by reddys, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. None :(:(
  2. Do they email you when you complete your 6 months? I am completing mine in 16 days. Pretty sure i am gonna be in the unlucky 20%
  3. No, they don't email if you don't contact them first even if you crossed the 6 months period. If you want to know your status you should contact them to know in what stage you are. I contacted them on May 8th which was 6 days before the completion of 6 months and got that response from them.
  4. We want to listen update from you :D , Did you write email concerning your status ?
  5. Yeah my application is in officer’s queue.
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  6. Have you applied to your GCMS notes before? Just want to check if your assigned officer is the same as mine.
  7. Yeah i have applied 15 days before haven’t got them yet. I’ll let you know once i get GCMS notes.
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  8. I didnt write to them. I thought the time they spend replying me can be well spent looking at someone's profile cause i am sure they are piled up. Also, that wont necessarily speed up the process. I am sure some officers hate to reply to queries. So i'll just let them to their thing and wait.
  9. Buddy, No Visa officer will response your queries. It's front desk receptionist or administrative assistant people will reply.
  10. Not sure how they operate buddy but it looks like waiting is the only option we have. There is only a few people in this group and in december and november aor forums, i read that majority of the cases are with Ottawa. I am wanting to see if Winnipeg office had some movement.
  11. Just received my GCMS notes after like 42 days.
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  12. Nothing even started.
  13. Yay!!! Can you check who your officer is? Is it AF11519?
  14. :eek::eek: But they are created 42 days ago anyways.. They might started picking up your file after they generated your notes
  15. @Yesh Sondhi Go to the last 3 o 4 pages you should see some notes

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