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Who waiting for PPR after medical done join here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by amansanghera83, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. wow! two days to upload! mine took 10 days!...don't worry about e-cas, I got ppr 2.5 weeks after dr uploaded the results and e-cas never said medicals received, just check your mail looking for "ready for visa" e-mail
  3. What email address does PPR come from?
  4. Meds done on April 4th ..PNP applicant no update so far
  5. I don't have a similar timeline but mine was submitted on April 2nd by my doctor.
    My ECAS status has not changed to "Medicals Received" yet either.
    Based on what I saw on this thread, I am expecting this update some time this week or maybe the next.
    Yours might need to wait a few more weeks given that people who uploaded their meds at the end of March were just receiving updates last week.
  6. CPC-CTD-Ottawa@cic.gc.ca the subject comes as "ready for visa letter"
  7. thank you - i am at almost 2 months since my decision was made Feb 24 - just waiting to see if i missed it
    checked SPAM etc
    but wanted to confirm the right email address
  8. Any PPR recently for those with this case?
  9. Medicals were uploaded by clinic on 16-April, ECAS does not show that medicals received. How long does it take for ECAS to reflect after medicals uploaded?
  10. Can take 1-2 weeks. Do not rely on ECAS, like GCMS it's always like reading
    yesterday's newspaper - outdated.
  11. medical done on 17th and uploaded on 22nd April. now waiting for ppr since rprf has been completed.
  12. Just received PPR email

    By the way, ECAS is not updated to medicals received.
    My timeline:

    App. Filed.......: 23-Aug-2013
    AOR Received.: 24-Oct-2013
    Med's uploaded : 16-Apr-2014
    Passport Request : 24-Apr-2014
  13. Nice congratz :)
  14. I got my PPR last night. Meds were uploaded on April 2, 2014. ECAS changed to medicals received this morning (after getting PPR).
  15. Hello,

    Its been more than a week that status on my ecas changed to decision made. However, I have not received PPR yet. I am getting worried about it now. Is there any possibility that decision could be negative?

    I paid RPRF on March 19th and medical was uploaded on March 29.

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