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Who waiting for PPR after medical done join here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by amansanghera83, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. All our medicals are uploaded on the same date but mine was passed on Feb 26, I am not sure about my Spouse as GCMS is not showing that. My Kids Medical is still under review.
  2. Now this makes me bit worried. Didn't doctor inform us if something like review required result before submitting to CIC? Or CIC inform us when additional test required.
  3. dr that made your medicals is just a first screening, he will ask for additional test if necessary and inform you if there is something that needs attention, but medicals results go under a second review at cic, and they will ask for additional tests and They (at CIC) are the ones with the decision making power
  4. my friend got his application under candian experience class...
    he submitted around oct 2013..
    he got m medical today...
    is it a good sign...
    I m jst wonder is immigration people still can call employers or everything done...
    they asked for medical only if everything prove good...
    whts next can he expect
  5. I think they mostly send medicals after the eligibility criteria is passed, atleast that's what happened to me as per my GCMS notes.
  6. I just checked ecas status.
    Now it shows Medical results have been received.

    Thank you guys.
  7. Hi DavisJun2013,
    I just noticed that we have the same timeline, im just a day ahead of you in application. It's just that my medical was submitted March 4th and was asked of addtl documents. Good luck to both of us!
  8. So they asked for Additional documents after medical? What kind of documents ?
  9. yes, 2 days after my MR, proof of separation coz I filed as legally separated and PCC. i think that's one of the reasons of the delay on my PPR, but hopefully ill get it soon. :)
  10. Got it thanks! :)
  11. Ive done my med feb 25. Med received and decision made. Whats next?
  13. Hi DavisJUn13 & Veronica79,

    Mine is also having similar timelines as you guys. Medicals uploaded on March 4th and this is under review as per GCMS and as per CPC email confirmation. Let's see how long they will take for review completion.


  14. Goodluck to you too! :)
  15. Completed Medicals on 14-Apr and uploaded by clinic on 16-Apr. No ECAS status change to "Medicals received". Anybody with similar timelines?

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