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Who waiting for PPR after medical done join here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by amansanghera83, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. thanks for the info, this might help me too, I am waiting from 2 months for PPR, I got medical on Feb 11 and no update after that. I ordered GCMS notes on Mar 17, hopefully will get it this week. Will check those due dates.
  2. What is your status on ECAS?
  3. I paid my RPRF on January 28th 2014 and still waiting for PPR.
  4. You are pretty much right...i've received it on the same day evening...
  5. So Happy! Got PPR today at 8:50 pm, Ecas still show in process,( no info about medicals received) (medicals done march 21st sent by dr march 29th)
  6. congratz JORGER enjoy buddy 8) orale carnal
  7. it's "in-progress" and says - "We started processing your application on Feb 11"
  8. congrats!! I think it doesn't matter what's your ECAS status is now as you got PPR :)
  9. Second that. Sometimes ECAS updates before the PPR is issued, sometimes it takes a couple
    of days to update. But again, ECAS doesn't matter, what matters is that you've received the PPR.
    Don't worry about ECAS.
  10. LOl, jajaja "orale carnal" made my day (again) thanks!
  11. Yes I know, that's why I add the info. to let the people know that even if ECAS show no advance the process still going...just a a matter of time we are getting closer! hope you all will get yours soon too
  12. Hi Albert,
    I got my GCMS notes today and it says
    Assigned by: VFxxxxx
    Due Date: 2014/05/30
    Please let me know if this is the due date to complete my application or I will find somewhere else?
    I found due date for categories which are completed but not for in-progress.
  13. My ecas status not showing medical received.

    What is ur ecas status?
    Does gcms say medical = passed?
    Wht was the reason for delay in ur case, is anything missing or any remarks by visa officer?

    I applied gcms last night. But it did not ask for my PR file number.
  14. My ecas is also not showing as medicals received. looks like they are waiting for all my Family medicals to complete.
    in GCMS, it says my medicals as passed and my Kids as "sent" and doesn't show anything for my Wife(looks like Privacy).
  15. Thanks for information.
    So ur family have not completed medical yet?


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