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Who waiting for PPR after medical done join here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by amansanghera83, Apr 9, 2014.

  1. Hi everybody I did my medical 14th mar till now waiting for PPR. Somebody same boat
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  2. Same here, medical done on Mar 13th, received by CIC on Apr 7th..still waiting for PPR.
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  3. Medicals received on March 13th. Still waiting
  4. Same here. Medicals done March 1st, uploaded March 6th, still waiting for communication from CIC.
  5. Medicals received on April 3rd, done on April 7th. Waiting for RPRF and PPR.
  6. Medical Uploaded on March 29th, waiting for PPR
  7. same here ....

    Medicals requested on: 6th March 2014
    Medicals done on : 18th March 2014
    Medicals Uploaded on (as per doctor's office): 24th March 2014 (this is still not reflected on ecas)
  8. Same O here..Medical done March 11th...waiting for Climax!
  9. Same here medicals received March 14th, waiting for FBI certificate though
  10. same here medicals done on march 27th...waiting...
  11. ECAS showed Meds Received on Mar 20. Still no RPRF but paid it upfront. I don't really like the wait but I guess nobody does :)
  12. OMG I just received my passport request, literally 2 min ago! I can't believe this :eek: :p

    I hope this brings good luck to everyone in this thread!
  13. Hey that's awesome!! Sometimes a little virtual complaining does the trick ;D ;D Congrats!!
  14. Yeah! Consider we never received RPRF and a MR for my wife, this is very interesting!

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