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When will be SINP next draw ?

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Nehakapoor05, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. Hi,
    I’m just curious to know if anyone has idea about when next SINP draw will happen?
    I have 68 points with NOC 2171, anyone in the same boat?
  2. Noc 2171 SINP points 63
    Don’t think it will go down no hopes ...
  3. You never know, keep your fingers crossed :)
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  4. Hi i have an express entry profile but my noc is in demand as well. when i am making an account, they are directing me to apply to International Skilled Workers - Saskatchewan Express Entry. Is this where to apply for occupation in demand as well?
  5. I have 66 points NOC:2173 ( I know it has not been invited yet).
    But, I wanna know, do you guys already have license in case you got an invite? And if not, any idea how long does it take to obtain one and what is the process? Just because of this license criteria I am somewhat passive towards SINP.
    Please guide me.:)
  6. My noc is 2174 and 65 point
    is there a chance to get an ITA ?
  7. For Licence, there list of things you need to do.
    A. Cips wants course to course verification report
    B. If everything is ready then CIPS takes 6 month approx. to issue the licence

    I, Myself is on the same board. I have applied for course to course verification once it will be done then will apply for licence.
  8. Thanks for replying.
    And by course to course verification do you mean WES course to course assessment?
  9. Hi, 2171 goes to need any license. I have read somewhere that SINP gives you one year of time to get this license, there few Canadian organizations that provide it if you contact them. I even read they usually take just 2-3 weeks to give you the license. Just search this forum only and you will get tones of information :)
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  10. Thanks a lot. :)
  11. Thanks Neha fingers crossed
  12. I am not aware about license...does NOC 2171 also requires?
  13. 2171 doesn’t need any license.
  14. Thanks for the reply Neha
  15. I think so yes as I believe you don’t have and Saskatchewan working experience, so you will be applying as international skilled worker only for the NOC that is in demand and applies to your experience closely.

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