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WES ECA status on Hold

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by burm7793, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Hello Members,
    Need help from folks who might have faced this weird situation from WES. My account report was going to be completed on 6/15 next week. All of a sudden the status changed to "ON HOLD" - Need verification of documents from Issuing Institution. This is so Bizarre request to again verify documents from the same institution that provided the documents. I do not understand what is their intention here. Looks like they just want to delay the matter.
    Anyone faced this situation please help.
    This is what the above link says
    What to Know About the Verification Status
    Saturday | March 18, 2017 | by WES Advisor
    You will have a “Verification” status in My Account when:
    • The documents received from the applicant differ from the documents WES has received from the same institution or system of education.
    • The documents received were sent from a certain country, institution, or during a particular situation where the authenticity of the documents or institution must be confirmed.
    During this time, WES will send your documents to the issuing institution or authority for verification. There’s no action required by you during this process. The verification process can take up to seven weeks and depends on how quickly your institution replies to our request. If the status of your documents does not change to “Accepted” within seven weeks, please contact us and we will send a second verification request to your institution.

    Although the verification process may take some time, the benefits of this process will lead to an accurate and verified WES evaluation report that is trusted and accepted by thousands of institutions in North America.

    I called WES customer service, they said they have emailed my university to verify the documents. I am not sure my Pune university replies to such request.
    How long will WES again take to approve and provide the ECA report after the verification has been done?
  2. If your University/Institute is listed by WES, then they have a process/agent to get what they need. It is their job to get the verification done, as an applicant you only need to provide what they need. Trust me, you cannot fast-track it.

    There will be thousands (I know quite a few) who have got their verification done through Pune University over the years and immigrated too, you definitely are not the first. Good Luck !
  3. Thanks @zohebshaikh for your reply. It is very unfortunate then that Pune university students have to go through this additional unnecessary delay. First they ask for sealed transcripts from the university and then do not trust the documents and send them back for re-verification to the same university. My frustration is waiting a long time for the masters' doc evaluation from WES to enter the EE pool for over a month now to get high CRS points to get ITA immediately. Hope my situation is resolved quickly and dont have to wait the dreadful 7 week period.
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    That is the process, it is not only with Pune University. If documents were to be simply trusted, then CIC would directly take it and not ask for ECA ! You can imagine what many applicants would do :p

    It is a process wherein a third party cross-verifies (with the University/Institute) that the document submitted by the applicant matches with the official records with the University/Institute.
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  5. But this is the first step ! You first apply for ECA, then apply for IELTS, apply for reference letters with employers and by the time you have your IELTS results & Employer reference letters, the WES ECA will arrive after which you apply for Express Entry !
  6. Dont think there is any 3rd party in between. All WES has done is sent out an email to Pune university asking for verification. They give them 7 weeks to reply. After 7 weeks they will send one more email. This is waste of applicant's time. As per them all i can do is wait. They are not even willing to say even which email have they sent the request to as it is confidential info for them. I now have to call Pune University to urge them to reply to WES email.
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  7. I have every thing ready except WES ECA, need it to bump up my CRS score to get ITA. Did you experience the same waiting time for your ECA ? how was your case handled ?
  8. Hi @burm7793, my husband is facing exactly the same situation as you are! I got my WES done as primary applicant 3 months ago and received the report within 6 weeks. In his case, the promised turnaround was even faster, documents received on 10th May and evaluation report expected by 11th June. All of a sudden, a few hours ago, the status changed to ‘On hold’ pending verification by issuing institution. I suspect WES is over promising and cannot deliver on time. Hence they are adding this extra verification leg that looks genuine but is actually an excuse to delay the process in line with their actual TAT - between 6 and 8 weeks - and not the 4 weeks miracle they promised my husband to begin with. Be as it may, I have written in to WES on their twitter handle over a private message on my account and my husband has done as much from his twitter handle. We have also written to our contact at IMT Ghaziabad, the same lady from the academic records section whom we contacted for the sealed transcripts in the first place. In case WES is faffing around and simply taking time over issuing a report backlog, we’ll get to know from her soon enough. Do keep us posted on what happens in your case too!
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  9. Hi @Nishika22, Thanks for explaining your situation. I will send them private messages too on the twitter handle. I already called WES once, sent them email also, private messaged on FB messenger. You can do the same i guess. My documents were delivered on may 10th also when i tracked my Fedex package. I sent overnight shipping from the USA. But they updated status as received on May 14th. Then they gave date of evaluation report complete on 6/15 but status changed to ON hold on 6/7. The sealed transcripts took me more than a month from Pune university, i wonder how long they will take to reply to the email. I will call them and ask them to reply. What did you write to WES ? Not sure if they honor any personal requests.
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  10. Hi @burm7793, good to hear back from you. Unfortunately, the WES contact centre had already closed for the weekend by the time my husband checked his account. They updated it just before close of business on Friday, and we checked around 7pm Canada Time, not really expecting anything since the status was still unchanged as of 4pm Canada Time. Of course, we’ll email and call them as soon as the WES centre opens on Monday, but it sure seems like a long wait! Do send them a private message on Twitter as their team is very responsive and completely lives upto their promise of following up with the evaluators on how an escalated case is doing. Let’s see how long Pune University takes to get back to you, as I faced the same situation with Delhi University for my transcripts - while it took only 15 days, the lack of an email contact point and the completely paper based system was most frustrating in this day and age. My husband is better off as IMT Ghaziabad took only a week to issue his sealed transcript, and has been extremely responsive over email. We’re hoping to hear back from the academics section on Monday when the institute reopens after the weekend (grrrrr, just our luck everything’s closed on Saturday!). Keep you posted on what WES is upto with this verification leg - if they’re doing anything at all!
  11. Hi nishika,

    do i need to put my color photocopy of my degree certificate along with transcripts in a sealed envelope whilst sending to WES for ECA? what do you suggest for sending the document? can i go ahead with speed post or shall i use DHL or fedex? I had gone through above thread i'm little bit apprehensive how WES is gonna handle assessment of so many aspiring immigrants
  12. Hi @syedzabi85, the process mandates that you send a photocopy of the degree certificate together with the sealed transcript in a consolidated envelope. Alternatively, you can ask your institute to send the transcript directly to WES and send only the color photocopy of the degree certificate to WES yourself. DHL the envelope to WES as they ensure that the documents reach within 4 days. As of now, your best bet would be to be prepared for a longer wait if you send the transcript directly as WES has now introduced an additional leg for verification by the issuing institution. However, if it is an option to get the transcript sent directly by the institution, it would be better, under the new circumstances.
  13. Hi @Nishika22 ,Thank you so much for your inputs. I will take a note of your points. However, I doubt that VTU (my alumni university) will take initiative on behalf of their ex-students and they willingly send the transcripts along with degree certificate directly to WES..

    Nevertheless, will approach VTU if they can do it on their own.

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