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Transcripts from Bangalore University directly to WES

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by PantersPack, Apr 4, 2019.

  1. Hi

    The information was very helpful. Even I am in the same situation here. Have my transcript in hand and I recently registered in WES.

    Just for a clarification, like you said I need to carry the transcript and the WES form to the university and get the Wes form filled and signed by the BU official. Take it to the postal department and pay for the fees and send it across.
    Is there anything that they need to do on the transcript again?
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    Hi Georgy,

    If you have graduated from BU then I would suggest you to submit WES academic form and your mark sheets along with convocation at the time of submission.

    As I had forgot to submit the WESacademic form which is mandatory for BU applicants, I carried this at the time of collecting my transcript. The guy took an additional day to have it signed from the official as he was unavailable.

    Once all docs are in place, you can post it with your WES REF number.
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  3. Update 2:
    Collecting and Posting of Transcripts

    It’s 6-Nov. Was excited to collect the transcripts from BU and have it couriered.

    Went to Pareeksha Bhavan (Same building where I submitted the marksheets etc) went to 1st floor, Room no 9 (towards your right, when reaching the 1st floor). Provided the acknowledgement and got the transcripts in 2 mins in an BU envelope.

    with this envelope, we then have to go to another room which is on left from the staircase. Here, they will put the final seal on the envelope and check your documents...(to be cont).

    Important Note: To save your time, before you visit Pareeksha Bhavan. Go to admin block, IndiaPost - take the declaration form from here. They shall provide you only 1 copy of it, you need to get 3 more photocopies of it.As Photocopy service is not available in the whole University campus. So you got to go to outside of university which will be 500m, get it done and come back. Now, go directly to Pareeksha Bhavan.

    Alternative to above, you can complete declarations form step while at your 1st visit. Just collect the form post submission of documents. Go home, get it photocopied and on the day of collecting documents you can directly get it sealed on it. Hence you are saving loads of time and fuel, also stress.

    So this guy puts all the final seal on envelope , checks your transcripts, WES Academic form and he shall also ask you the declaration form. Provide him 3 copies of it and he shall place the “From” address seal from BU. Now your job is only to seal the envelope with Gum/ Tape. Take that to Indiapost admin block and post it.

    Job done!
  4. Hi Daksh,

    That was helpful. Really appreciated.

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