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Thread for Acrra Ghana applicants

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by palomadiego, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. July 17th
  2. Please i have a quick question, I have already submitted my application,aor1 was received on February.
    I submitted my application with international passport bearing my father's name.
    And now I am doing a new international passport with my husband's name. My question is do I need to notify cic about my new passport and if I do so, would my PR card be issued with my father's name which is the old passport or my husband's name which is in the new passport.
    As my file is being transferred since April to Accra, do I need to tell them also. Please i need an answer, thanks
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    When you submitted your application to IRCC Mississauga......in these forms IMM5669, IMM0008, IMM1344.....the Family Name had be be filled as exactly as is in your Travel Passport.......and the PR visa will be issued with the Full Name in your application.

    Now you have a new international travel passport with your husband's name.........and i guess you may have to applied to change your surname from Maiden to Your Husband Surname..........so if you want your PR visa to be issued with your new Surname (i.e., Your Husband Surname).........you need to send the data page of your new travel passport to Acrra VO and inform Accra VO of your change of Surname.

    To inform Accra VO of your change of surname.........will advice you do the following;
    1. Send a copy of the data page of your new travel passport through IRCC Webform to Accra VO.
    2. Send a copy of the Affidavit Document for Change of Surname if available through IRCC Webform to Accra VO.
    3. Update your Surname in your Schedule A form - IMM5669 and send through IRCC Webform to Accra VO (note: signature is not required for IMM5669, just need to type your name...also, state the name change in the form in your note to AVO).
    4. If you had you Surname published in a Newspaper, it will be nice to send a hard copy to Accra VO (note: this is not mandatory, but just a nice way to show public acknowledgement of your marriage and change of surname, and may help support proof of marriage).
    Accra VO may contact you with any further instructions.

    IRCC Webform.....
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  4. nice. ..... let's chat on whatsapp, am July too, so we can follow ourselves up....
  5. Hi... July what is your date? Heard anything from them. I’m July also
  6. am aalso July 17th
  7. Its really been quiet in this forum since the Whatsapp group was created.......but not everyone uses whatsapp and the news and advice from this forum has been great in helping applicants deal with any issues and the extreme patience required for the sponsorship process thru AVO.

    Previously heard some got PPR around the 10th month.......whats the timeline now for PPR.......don't no anymore WHO is IN or OUT from the list..

    Feb - Mylove4God2017

    March 7 - Annemariee

    March 8 – stellalawrence

    March 8 - graace2017

    March 8 - Righteous

    March 17 - McAkyne

    April 4 – Roamingspirit

    April 11 – Buckshot11

    April 28 – Gattu_Milan

    May 23 – jayotuks

    May 25 – donchick

    Jun 27 – Jennyu
  8. Good day everyone,

    Please i need urgent assistant. My spouse is sponsoring me from Nigeria and he is also based here in Nigeria, I have filled all my forms and gathered necessary documents, my biggest headache now is how to make payment from here. I went to my bank today (stanbicibtc) and was told there's been a ban on making international payment using the MasterCard. Please house, is there any Nigerian here who has successfully made application payment from Nigeria? Please help me with how to go about this, cause that is the only thing holding me back from submitting my application.
    Thanks all as I await your response
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    Tell your spouse to make the payment with his Canada credit card and send you a copy of the receipt.......that's all you need to attach to your application package.
  10. t
    thanks for your response but he is not based in Canada, he is also based here in Nigeria.
  11. No, he doesn't have a canada credit or debit card here in Nigeria cos the last time he visited Canada was some 10 years ago and his account in Canada is dormant, he was told he can only activate his account when next he visits... Thanks for your response though, I appreciate.
  12. Hello house
    Have been following this thread for a while but had nothing to contribute or update cos am a new applicant waiting to get the first response.
    Am a Nigerian, a principal applicant. Application was received by CIC Mississauga April 12.
    I got a mail today, my UCI and application number received.
    It took 1 month 5 days to hear from them, to get the first response.
    That's my little update.
    Thanks to all our seniors here.
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  13. We all here and no news yet don’t even know what AVO is doing to our files my wife came down to visit and we all here frustrated and waiting upon God’s time and speed.
  14. I'm not sure how you pay, but it's your husband Canadian by birth or naturalization? If naturalization, are you sure he's still Canadian? There are residency requirements and if he hasn't been in Canada for 10 years he may have lost citizenship and wouldn't be eligible to sponsor you. Have you two checked?

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