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Thread for Acrra Ghana applicants

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by palomadiego, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. I have gone through the family class forum and discovered there is no thread for Accra applicants.

    I am one, my hubby sent in our application in january and still waiting for sponsorship approval

    Hubby resides in Canada. Also hoping to hear from people who have applied through Accra in the past

    Hoping to hear good news soon!!!! ;) ;)
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  2. hi palomadiego, i applied to Accra and i would say it went well for me and our application took two months my husband is a white canadian we aplied in october cic receieved our appliction in october 13th 2010, he was approved in november 15th 2010 as a sponsor and file was in process the same 15th november 2010, and i got an interveiw date for november 26th 2010 against febuary 1st 2011, and i got my visa same day and i landed in vancouver on the 8th feb 2011. so i would say two months it was amazing well we had a lots of proofs in and photos so you have to be ready for interveiw save more communication from when you put in the appiliction to your interveiw date becos they would ask for more proof of communication. there are some thread about interveiw question so it would be good if you print them out so you can study them it will help. know your spouse very well everything about him.it will be good.
  3. Great to have an Accra thread! I have been in process since Nov. 2009. Did my interview Dec. 2010. They asked for a re-medical a week ago (actually i already did it before my interview) hope they can sort it out and send me PPR soon. I keep going through my mail box a thousand time daily!

    I hope yours is as quick as richie's
  4. @richie4u for you yeah i read your story. you were damn lucky I hope mine goes well. I am a nigerian so is my hubby but he resides in Canada. we did our registry in november 2010 and filed in January 2011. we sent over a 100 pics both wedding and vacations pics we have had, letters, mails etc. I wish mine comes fast too cos being away from my husband has not been easy..

    @Dikz, yours has taken so long almost two years now. Is yours for spouse? because if it is why is it taken so long. From what I know it takes maximum 6 to 9 months
  5. yes palomadiego it was amazing and i thanks God for that, but you will need to do your home work well, well i wish you all the best, make sure you know
    so many stuff about your husband, how you met, when you met, what he like to do, what you do together, where he works, how much he earns, the name of his working place, previous work place, his family birth dates where he lives in canada, address, benefit and more. i was asked all these questions dont worry you will do ok, be prepared, and you will get your visa same day.
  6. thanks richie! Yeah i know a lot about him and us. But i'll get more info about him. Still waiting for sponsors approval...i pray it comes soon...
  7. [quote@ Dikz, yours has taken so long almost two years now. Is yours for spouse? because if it is why is it taken so long. From what I know it takes maximum 6 to 9 months

    Yea mine is spousal and the average processing time for Accra is actually 18 months. They seem to be doing better lately, so hopefully soon....
  8. hello house,
    am new here,and my application is on line too.accra ghana.those any body no may be they don call some for interview?before they grant them PR?thanx
  9. hello accra friends! sorry for no caps - my shift key is broken.

    as you can see by my timeline, we had a very swift approval from the accra office. less than 2 months processing time in accra. i am a white canadian and my husband is nigerian.

    i would be happy to answer any questions you have about my experience.
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  10. Thanks for your post. You have been a great help to me since I joined the forum. I will be travelling to Ghana next week to collect my visa! I cant still believe it after so long!
  11. Congratulations!! I truly think that we applied at the 'golden time' for Accra, it seems that those applications that were submitted in spring of 2010 were processed very quickly. I have always felt so terrible for those who have had to wait a year or more to be with their spouse.

    I am thrilled for you! Good luck with your journey to your new home.
  12. tanx for ur reply....i wish u happy stay wit ur hubby......pls,with ur experience wht this mean.....
    my wife sponsorship was approve this march,and it was written in the letter that i should feel out the additional family form,which i did and submitted to accra ghana through UPS the next day,i sent it on friday and was delivered to accra on monday...wht u tink tht mean?secondly hw can i track my application with my client number?thirdly,do u tink my application will be in process immediately after they received the additional family information? finally,when do u tink i will be call ....tanx alot and i really need more responds from u guyz,
  13. Hi Everyone,
    Glad to have found this thread. @ Bobyshynoswife, thanks a lot for your reply, We are praying that my hubby gets the visa on the day of the interview. I am counting down now to April 4th.
    @ Palomadiego, are you nervous? hope u get yours too on the day of your interview.
    @ Richie for you, can you remember any more questions that you were asked? and how long did your inteview take. Were you nervous on that day?
  14. i was not nervous ify, although the IO asked me if i was nervours i said no that i was excited i guess she want to know my emotion
    i was question for one hour, and she was looking straight into my eys thrying to
    read every language of my body, i was confidence too is another thing and be free and genuine
    she asked five things i liked about my husband, where he lives, what is his hobbies, what he is doing when he is not working.
    where he work and how long he has been working there, birth dates families and himself
    when we met, how we meet, when he proposed, how the relationship developed,
    well i guess you will see how thread about interveiw question so go through them it
    will help, and be calmand blink your eyes or look away i guess because i was also looking striaght
    into the IO eyes too, and i got my visa same day she asked me to come back by 3.00pm
    to collect my visa.so be prepared you will get your visa same day all the best.
  15. Thanx a lot Richie4u. I am sure my hubby will do gr8. I am d 1 that is a little bit nervous, I guess its becos I have been coming across posts of people tha were denied theirs lately. Do tke care and enjoy...

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