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The journey to get my seized passport and go back home

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by rooryangel, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Are you sure
  2. Yes. That is why you emailed your flight details.
  3. After emailing confirmation of my flight the CBSA email me back that I need to be at this time at airport to report CBSA office then the CBSA officer provide me certificate copy of passport and letter which allow me for boarding and before depature CBSA officer will assist me they didn't mention about my passport .
  4. Are you sure ?
  5. By assist you they mean give back your passport. You couldn't board the plane without it.
  6. I'm worried and confused if they don't return back my passport then while arrive my backhome immigration their will makes problems and troubles for me
  7. You can't board the plane without your passport so they will have to give it back to you.
  8. Do you know that surly are you gone throw in this situation or do you know the process, Sorry for asking same thing again because tomorrow i have a flight to go backhome thats why i'm in tension
  9. There have been posts who have gone through this and they describe getting their passport before boarding the plane.
  10. I withdraw my refugee claim and i recieved letter from IRB and after that I contacted CBSA then CBSA told me to book flight ticket which I did it by myself later on CBSA ask me for ticket then I provide my flight information after that they sent me email about reporting in CBSA in Airport but in their email its written they will provide me certificate copy of passport and letter which allow me for checking and before depatureing CBSA officer will assist me in aircraft but they didn't mention about my passport do you anything please help tomorrow i have a flight to go backhome .
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    That is actually true
    My mom and brother are still there and I tried to visit them with a visa after 2 years of leaving Canada but it was denied
    I am not sure of the other countries frankly but I think it’s not fare cause withdrawing from being a refugee cause you don’t need it anymore doesent mean to make you suffer for it the rest of your life.
    Specially that now I am a married women, does that means everytime I will want to have a tour in Europe with my husband I will be denied !!
    Our country is safe now and we don’t need to be refugees!! It’s like a life sentience !!
    But frankly speaking, I do sometimes regret not waiting.

  12. I guess the only difference would be if there was change in the situation of your country and after that you did not need refuge anymore (for example government change like what happened in Eastern Europe in 1989).
    It is difficult to predict how will it be with your visa approval in the future. Eventually it might get better. Somebody was mentioning on other topics that they like to keep data for past 15 years.
  13. My story is different and I am not sure how they will deal with it
    I have been living outside my country in the Gulf for the past 26 years, my parents asked me to follow them to Canada and I did even if I was not convinced with going to Canada, I was misleaded with the information giving to me and felt like I am traped in Canada which was not as planned so I decided to withdraw and went back to the gulf, I didn’t enter my country which I claimed refugee of for the past 15 years and I am not planning to enter it even in the future cause I have nothing there.
    When I withdraw my status I did mention that I am going back to where I was living in the gulf not my home country and even my ticket proves it.

  14. From Canada perspective it did not matter where you went after as long as you have withdrawn your claim (which honestly would be most likely refused anyway, given the fact that you could hardly prove subjective part of threat in your country since you were not living there at all). However from now on they perceive you as a risk (you tried that in the past, so what is stopping you to try it now). And they already have so many (too many applications), so it is much easier to deny your tourist visa (they will loose less money from the taxes of the goods and services you would consume during such visit, than they potentially would from another refuge claim that can go for another 2-3 years).

    And from how you sound you would much better fit into economic immigration, where you can still apply, rather than a refuge (an idea of a refugee is to get the first shelter and to be able to survive, but nobody would promise a relief from poverty or a better social status).
  15. Well you will be surprised that they actually accepted it in less than a month from being in Canada and without even a hearing. And I applied for my PR within 3 weeks from that, it was approved and they called me for an interview exactly 6 month after my PR application. (Applied end of May and, and my interview was in December)
    The irony is, when they emailed me for the PR interview I was not in Canada anymore as I left end of June.
    My mom think I was really lucky and I destroyed my chance in staying, but frankly speaking I was not comfortable of being under the refugee part when I don’t need to be one.

    Just a question, did I understand you right? Can I still apply to be a normal immigrant? And will they actually accept it? Does my mon being there can help in the process? The only difference is I was single at that time now I have a family


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