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The journey to get my seized passport and go back home

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by rooryangel, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Someone sent me a private msg asking me about what happened with my seized passport, so I decided to write this for anyone who is interested about getting back his passport to travel back home.

    First of all just to be clear about some points:
    * I was a protected person
    * I decided to get my seized passport after a successful decision
    * I had a young daughter who was living in another country which basically I was living in too for the past years(not the country I am asking protection from)
    * I am not allowed to travel with my home passport or to renew it
    * This country and all GCC countries; actually most of the Arabic country's doesn't accept travel documents.

    So here is the journey:
    * I asked for an appointment with the airport road CBSA to discuss the matter of getting an exception to be able to travel with my passport.
    * They told me my passport is not with them and it's in 25 St. Clair CIC and that they will give them a msg to call me back
    * I waited few days but no one called, so I went there personally which was useless as no one are allowed without an appointment
    * I called the call center agents who sent me a link about Voluntary leave process
    * I sent few letter to them and emails but still without an answer
    * I decided to go back there again, told the security it's an emergency so he told me to go to 55 St. Clair, and so I did
    * I met an officer there who told me this is not from there side and I have to file an application in the CIC which is located in Kipling
    * I went to Kipling, waited for 2 hours, at last met an officer, who explained clearly that there is no exceptions and my passport can't be given back to me before I get my PR, and that I can't travel with it or use it when I get it, and that I may suffer from cessation if I did even if I think I have a valid reason and even if am actually not traveling to the country am asking protection from. She explained that I have two choices even to withdraw my protected person status and to Voluntary leave, or to wait until I get the citizenship to be able to travel and see my daughter which was not acceptable to me so I decided to withdraw. Then I was told that is not from there side and I have to go to Victoria road CBSA 10th floor
    * I went the next day, met an officer, told him the story again, he told me that they will call me back once they get my file from St. Clair
    * Few days later they called me for an interview, the officer again explained to me the process and asked me to think, I told her I have made my decision, so she asked me to sign some papers and to book an airplane tickets two weeks from today, so I did and gave her a copy and she provided me with the directions of what to do the day of my travel.
    * The day came, I went to the airport and then to the CBSA office there, they again made me sign some peppers and gave me another one for the airline to check my bags.
    * After that point I checked my bags normally, waited for the boarding time, exactly when the boarding started the officer came with my passport so I can go into the airplane.

    And that's it... Am with my daughter now
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  2. Hi roory,
    My mom cant understand english and is living with her relative(which is not allowing her back:( ) can u plz explain me where would be my mom's passport? She claimed refugee protection in CIC but still hasnt got any hearing date..wether she should contact CIC or IRB? To get her passport back..
    Plz help
  3. Does she want to withdraw her refugee application and leave Canada? She can only get her passport back if she is prepared to leave Canada.
  4. Important part of this story it.
    The person decided to withdraw and to leave Canada.
    Which means that person is no longer refugee.

    It also means that person might not be able to travel to Canada again. Because even if his refugee claim was accepted first time he decided to leave. So anytime they will see his request for visa, they will be most likely denied (as there is a high chance, that he might claim refuge again). And same thing for some other countries that do share this information with Canada (like USA, Australia, UK or EU for example).
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  5. Yes scylla, she is fully prepared.. but dont know who to contact..CIC or IRB?
  6. Even i have talked to an airline company in our home country to arrange an air ticket for my mother to travel back, but how will she manage to get her passport back is realy worrisome for me and my family..Any help would be highly appreciated..plz :(
  7. Have you read through the first post in this thread?

    Her passport will not be returned to her until she is at the airport and is boarding the airplane to fly home.
  8. Yes dear, i have read that. I know she will get her passport at the airport, but before that she has to report to the officials who have her passport?, so that they ask my mother to arrange for air ticket and to come to aiport, how is this process going to be?
  9. Hello everyone,
    Please can someone suggest me that should i contact toronto police? to help my mother to get her seized passport back as my aunt is not allowing my mom to contact CIC or IRB. Or can someone suggest me some refugee protection organization which can help my mom?.please reply ppl, i realy want your help

  10. why is your aunt not letting your mom tor irb or cic seems like she wants to go home
  11. Some personal family conflict, so my aunt is teasing my mom, isnt this a serious human rights voilation? All documents of my mom are with my aunt. I dont even know my moms RPD file number..should i contact toronto police? Plz help.my mom realy wants to come back to home country as soon as possible

  12. i think so that your mom is there against her will
  13. Why can't you go and pick up your mother and why can't she get her documents herself? Not sure what you want the police to do if she is not physically being restrained she could contact irb/cic if she spoke English or French. If she wants to go home she could also get a new passport from her country through their Canadian embassy.
  14. Hi canuck, i cant pick my mother bcz i am in pakistan,if i would have been there my mother wont be facing this mental torture even for a second, but i am helpless now,cant do anything from pakistan.
    and my mother cant understand english or french. My mother totaly relied on my aunt for this process so all documents of my mother are also with my aunt.
    Atleast police can shift my mother in their safe custody and can make her contact with IRB or CIC through an interpreter?
  15. Unless your mother is being abused and wants to press charges against your aunt no this isn't a police matter. Are you a Canadian citizen or PR? If so I would suggest coming to Canada to sort out the problem or finding another family member to help.

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